07 December 2023
ACOTY 2024 – Overall Best Luxury Car

Three Round 1 luxury vehicle winners face off in a challenge to claim the title of Overall Best Luxury Car.

How Does ACOTY Define This Class?

The Overall Best Luxury Vehicle is chosen from the three Cat B luxury categories’ winners from Round 1. Check out their respective Round 1 awards below.

Meet The Contenders

Audi SQ 7

There’s a famous scene in The Godfather movie in which Marlon Brando, playing Don Corleone, says, “I’m gonna make him a deal he can’t refuse.” The Audi SQ 7 epitomises this line. It brings space, pace and practicality to the luxury car segment at a stonking price point. This is why it won Best Luxury SUV.


The BMW XM, despite being the absolute most expensive vehicle in the ACOTY line-up, won the Best Premium Hybrid/Plug-in Hybrid Category in Round 1 because BMW’s M-division dares to do things differently. Being the first standalone model since the M1, the XM is a strong statement in the automotive industry, and its ballsy go-big-or-go-home nature is why it won.

BMW i7 xDrive60

Despite the BMW i7 xDrive 60 being so expensive, it also offers so much for the price. Regardless of its arguably polarizing looks, the Bavarian manufacturer must be applauded for daring to break with tradition and create something that snaps heads and looks like nothing else on the road. That’s why it clinched the win in the Best Luxury EV category in Round 1.

Moreover, the four of us in the judging panel agree that the i7 is objectively the better 7 Series when compared to its internal-combustion 735i sibling.

So who won?

Three brilliant luxury vehicles, but only one can win this category.

Where the points tally in Round 1 was the final determinant of each category’s winner, here in Round 2, points are taken into consideration but are not the final arbiter of victory.

AutoApp Car Of The Year Overall Best Luxury Car
Audi SQ 7

VehiclePoints TallyPrice Percentile
Audi SQ 735589
BMW XM347100
BMW i7 xDrive 6038689

The Audi SQ 7 won due to the value proposition it brings to this line-up, which cannot be overlooked. Plus, its muted aggressive looks and turn of speed means the SQ 7 would be a luxury vehicle that a modern-day Godfather would be proud to ride in.

More on the scoring categories used to derive points in Round 1 here.

Congratulations to the Audi SQ 7 for winning the AutoApp Car of the Year 2024 Overall Best Luxury Car!

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