12 May 2020
ANDREA FROM HERCAR.SG: AutoApp Show exclusive

HerCar.sg is one of the hottest trending influencer channels in Singapore and we’re the first to interview her

The first guest of the AutoApp show is one of the fastest rising influencers in Singapore. We were the first to get to interview her right before the Circuit Breaker kicked in. Find out about the woman behind HerCar.sg, and her story for launching this brand.

Some very interesting tips were also shared. How to ace a driving test as well as how to talk your way out of a speeding ticket.

The crew from the AutoApp Show with Andrea keeping our 1m distance

We also discuss controversial topics like weirdos sending her obscene photos. Then we ask her views on who make better drivers: women or men? Also, we ask Andrea to describe her dream car and our design team will interpret her preferences.

Andrea can often be seen reviewing hot cars on her social media channels

Links to HerCar.sg: