24 July 2023
Aston Martin Partners With Lucid To Create Electric Vehicles

Aston Martin is joining forces with the Lucid Group, a renowned name in the electric vehicle technologies domain.

The goal? To create the most exhilarating and sought-after electric performance cars the world has ever seen. 

Aston Martin’s electrification journey is an essential part of their broader Racing. Green. sustainability strategy. With over £2 billion in investment earmarked for advanced technologies over the next five years, they are all set to embrace the electrified future with open arms. Lawrence Stroll, the Executive Chairman of Aston Martin, doesn’t hold back his excitement about the partnership. He calls it a “game changer” and rightly so.

Lucid isn’t an ordinary player in the electric vehicle game either. They’re a formidable force in the EV space now, and seemingly a perfect match for Aston Martin’s vision. The proposed agreement will allow Aston Martin to tap into Lucid’s top-notch technology, becoming the heart and soul of their all-new in-house Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) platform. From hypercars to sports cars, GTs, and SUVs, this platform will be the cornerstone of Aston Martin’s electrified model range.

But that’s not all – there’s another ace up Aston Martin’s sleeve. They’ve got Mercedes-Benz AG on their side, providing access to an array of world-class technologies, from powertrain to electric and electronic architectures. It’s like assembling an all-star team to tackle the electrification challenge head-on.

Roberto Fedeli, Chief Technology Officer of Aston Martin, shares his enthusiasm for the partnership. He believes that combining Lucid’s powertrain and battery systems with their in-house development will create a bespoke BEV platform for all their future models. These future electrified Aston Martins will be fueled by sustainable, next-gen technology, delivering not just performance but also brilliant vehicle dynamics.

So, to all the future-conscious gearheads out there, Aston Martin is proving that they’re not just about style and speed; they’re also pioneers of sustainable, high-performance luxury cars.

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