07 March 2023
Audi Service Centre In Ubi Temporarily Closed Due To Incident

An incident happened this morning at the Audi Service Centre located along Ubi Road, with one wall partially destroyed in the chaos. To all Audi customers, please be patient and kind to the service folk.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force responded to a call at 55 Ubi Road 1 at about 9am, after an explosion caused a section of the wall at the side of the Audi Service Centre located along Ubi road to collapse. The collapsed wall scattered debris around the area, and covered the surrounding area in a cloud of white smoke.

The cause of the explosion is unknown at the time of writing. The blast, according to witnesses who were on the ground at the time, felt like a slight tremor.

One person was taken to hospital after sustaining a fall in the commotion, and 100 more were evacuated from the premises. Thankfully, there were no other reported injuries.

An Audi spokesperson has since made a statement regarding the incident, and the building has been temporarily closed off to facilitate ongoing investigations with the authorities. The Ubi service centre will also remain closed until further notice.

Audi customers are advised to not be alarmed, and to please be patient with the kind service folk over the phone. For customers who require assistance with their Audi vehicles, the Alexandra showroom will still be open for any servicing related enquiries. 

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