sheldon trollope

The Chief Communications Officer of Ignition Labs, Sheldon is also pioneer in the automotive media landscape. Since 2001, he has been an editor and writer for popular titles like evo Singapore, CarBuyer and Top Gear.

Samantha phua

When she’s not busy being the editor of, Sam has a myriad of unique hobbies to keep life interesting. She also loves cats, bad puns and a good cocktail.

jonathan lim

As the editor of evo Singapore, Jon drives fast cars (and cars fast). He also enjoys making everyone cringe with his bad puns.

marcus lim

In between reviewing cars on, Marcus loves corgis, roadtrips, and searching for new places to eat.

brintha loganathan

Apart from being futr Singapore’s editor, Brin also churns out copy for Strada Visual Lab. Hobbies include mothering, ‘reality’ TV and good beer. Mmm.