21 May 2021
AUTO INSURE: Shared vision, common purpose

As one of AutoApp’s partner workshops, find out what makes Auto Insure a great fit with Singapore’s first quad-system car servicing concierge app!

Many good relationships begin with a common interest, and the same can be said for many of the folks at AutoApp. While we sometimes disagree on which vegetables are the best (or not at all), passion for cars is a common interest among many of us here. In a similar vein, great collaborations happen when values align. With AutoApp’s key business revolving around providing a car concierge service, it stands to reason that we cannot operate alone in the automotive aftersales sphere.

When I quizzed Operations Director Alvin Tan on the type of values AutoApp looks for in a partner, he was more than happy to share.

“Customers entrust us with their cars,” he begins, “and it’s up to us to give them peace of mind and ensure service excellence.”

He then lists three criteria that he looks out for in potential collaborators, quaintly summarised as the ‘three Ms’: Man, Machine, and Method. It all seems fairly straightforward — having the right people, the right tools and facilities, and an operating procedure that aligns well with AutoApp’s for the job. 

With Auto Insure, the fit couldn’t be more stark.

Auto Insure’s Executive Manager, Alywin Yeo (left) and Managing Director, Jason Heng (right)

We often hear the phrase, “jack of all trades, master of none”, but one would be hard pressed to think that Auto Insure is not excellent in all the services they provide. A quick look at their customer reviews on Facebook and Google paints a clear picture. From motor insurance to body works, and car leasing to regular servicing, Auto Insure has all manners of services to offer to different sort of customers, but how do they fit in the picture with AutoApp?

That is when the opportunity for me to meet with Alywin Yeo, Executive Manager of Auto Insure, arose. Anyone who meets Alywin will surely notice his friendliness and pleasant disposition. It certainly gave weight to the many positive reviews they’ve received, and my curiosity was piqued. After a brief Q&A with him, it seemed that one could almost see where exactly Auto Insure and AutoApp overlap.

“We have been looking for a reliable and all-rounded partner to work with,” Alywin tells me over an email interview. The Auto Insure and AutoApp teams had met before to discuss the potential partnership.

“We managed to spark a relationship with AutoApp since we have the same vision regarding the transparency of [car] repairs.”

Alywin Yeo, Executive Manager, Auto Insure

The more Alywin divulges about Auto Insure’s mission and vision, the more AutoApp’s Three Ms come to mind.

“We always put our customers first, and we make an effort to build lasting relationships.”

“Driven by the same desire to provide quality service, our team is equipped with the technical knowledge and strategic resources, ready to delivery on a promise,” Alywin shares. If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought this was a paraphrase of AutoApp’s partnership criteria.

Best of all, neither AutoApp nor Auto Insure could find anything about the partnership to be unhappy about.

“The good thing about working with AutoApp is that both of our companies care about their user experience, and have the same shared vision to extend such great services to their users,” Alywin says. AutoApp’s Operations Manager, Kenneth Yeo, is quick to concur.

“We both share the same values of providing quality services at competitive and transparent prices,” Kenneth says.

“Auto Insure is quick to respond to owners’ requests, and able to provide affordable solutions and choices to take care of almost all of their cars’ needs.”

Kenneth Yeo, Operations Manager, AutoApp

All that said, this good working relationship is hardly the end of the story. With so much the future has in store for both businesses, one can’t help but be excited. Among other things, Alywin hopes to see both companies extend their services to a broader base of vehicle users, while Kenneth hopes to offer a combination of Auto Insure and AutoApp services that cater to ever-evolving customer needs.

One thing’s for sure; such successful collaboration would not be possible if not for the values and visioned shared by both teams. Customers can definitely look forward to well-rounded and competitively priced services that will set their mind at ease and also free up precious time.

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