09 December 2020
FESTIVE DRIVING: Getting your car prepared for Christmas (Part 1)

Your Christmas tree is up, you’ve done your Christmas shopping, and you’ve ordered the turkey – but have you made sure your car’s prepared for the Christmas holidays? Here’re some things you should do!

♫ It’s the most wonderful time of the year ♫ …if your car is working fine, that is. As you busy yourself with Christmas preparations at home, it’s important that you don’t neglect your car’s health!

It’s lovely cruising underneath the Christmas lights along Orchard Road, or going last-minute shopping for gifts at VivoCity. That’s exactly when nobody wants to get stranded! It could be a flat tyre – whatever it is, an expected surprise like that puts a dampener on your mood.

What’s more, most car workshops will be closed during the festive period, with the exception of selected emergency services. To avoid these horrid situations this festive season, here’re some of the tasks that should be done before Christmas!

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Make sure the engine’s as happy as a kid at Christmas – Get a service done!

If the engine is the heart of the car, then the engine oil is like blood pumping through the heart; without it, everything stops working.

Engine oil plays the main role of lubricating all the metal parts inside the engine. At the rate engines spin (thousands of revolutions per minute!), any form of metal-on-metal contact results in wear and heat. Having oil as a lubricant negates the effects, while at the same time removing impurities from the engine internals.

As a rule of thumb, regular servicing and oil changes should be performed after every 10,000km travelled or every six months, whichever comes first. However, do refer to your owners’ manual for the manufacturer’s recommended service interval.

Delaying or skipping regular servicing subjects your engine to increased wear, as the engine oil gradually loses its lubricating properties. Eventually, your engine will overheat as a result of the built-up heat — and that’s when it’ll leave you stranded.

Give your car a present – Get new tyres fitted!

As you’re driving down the road, trundling along in the rain or shine, a silent hero keeps you safe. Well, more like four, actually — they’re your tyres! Despite their modest size, it’s important to remember that your tyres are your only point of contact with the road.

In wet weather, your tyre’s tread plays a key role of dispersing water from the contact patch. This helps the tyre maintain contact with the road, gripping the tarmac to keep you in control of the car.

The general guideline for tyres is to have them replaced when they reach a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm, or if they’re above 10 years of age. This ensures that there’s sufficient tread to disperse water, with a rubber compound that has not yet been age-degraded.

Driving with worn tyres isn’t only illegal, but will significantly reduce your ability to stop, accelerate, or control your car. In the worst case scenario, you’ll experience aquaplaning, a complete loss of control in the wet — certainly not the kind of festive ice skating you had in mind.

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Have an icy-cold Christmas – Get the air-conditioning system serviced!

In Singapore’s tropical climate, the one thing we can’t live without in the car is air-conditioning. Whether it’s day or night, Singapore’s high humidity levels mean that driving alfresco tends to result in a sweaty shirt.

Using several components together with a refrigerant gas, your car’s air-conditioning system creates a comfortable climate in the cabin. Each component is essential in cooling the air down — the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and refrigerant itself; should any of these interdependent components fail, you’ll be stuck in a warm and humid car.

Having your air-conditioning system fail on you isn’t a deal breaker — after all, you’ll still be able to continue on your journey (albeit uncomfortably). However, it’s really easy to spot a failing air-conditioning system. Listen out for unusual sounds and keep an eye on the temperature; if something’s amiss, get it checked out before the holidays start.

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