04 November 2022
AutoApp Has Crossed Its 1,000-user Milestone!

AutoApp has garnered more than 1,000 active users on our platform! This is a massive milestone for us, and thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years.

AutoApp has always been an ambitious project, with the main challenge of providing quality service whilst making it convenient and as fuss-free as possible for busy owners who are looking to service their vehicles but simply do not have the time.

Two years on, AutoApp has surpassed over a thousand registered users and is continuously expanding to offer more automotive services for both you and your vehicle.

How it started

The idea of AutoApp came to be when one of its founders, Sheldon Trollope, felt frustrated when he had to spend precious time waiting in line for his vehicle’s road tax renewal inspection. Time which could have been better spent pursuing other endeavours, while someone else handles this mundane vehicular chore for him. 

“Joel (Tam) and I commiserated about this one day and he also noted that when it comes to car advice, we were the go-to guys in our respective circles. So we decided there and then, that we could turn our expertise into a business and that’s how AutoApp was born.” 

To get the service off the ground, the pair roped in co-founder Alvin Tan, who had more than a decade of operational experience in the car after-sales industry. As a team, they had the perfect combination of skill sets to launch AutoApp. 

How has it grown thus far

What started out as after-office-hours meetings and scribbles on pizza boxes has now grown into a full-fledged mobile application, with over a thousand registered users in two years. To date, the AutoApp Singapore team has serviced more than 250 vehicles and received the satisfaction of more than 200 happy customers. The app has also received glowing reviews consistently, a testament to something that the team is doing right. 

“By the time we celebrated our second anniversary in August, we’ve garnered a database of over 1,500 car owners and served close to 600 jobs. Our 100 percent 5-star rating across Google, Facebook, and our app speaks volumes about our customer service levels. I’m also proud to share that the metric that keeps our team going strong is the increasing repeat-customer rate which is climbing every week, despite us acquiring new customers at an equally encouraging pace.” added Joel Tam.

This growth has been incredible to the team, and now we have set new goals on taking this service overseas too, starting a brand new chapter in AutoApp’s history books!

Thank you for the support you’ve given to us

From the team here at AutoApp, we want to thank each and every cars-tomers (as we affectionately call them) and all our partners for supporting and putting their trust in us.

Aside from the convenience we bring, we continue to prioritise the roadworthiness of every car we serve, and we strive to continue serving you and your vehicle with the utmost highest quality service.

If you like to learn more about AutoApp and its services, check out our website or download the app today!