04 February 2022
AUTOAPP RESCUE MISSION: Never cry over spilled milk, vomit, or musky smells again!

Emergencies such as vomit and food spills are all in a day’s work for the AutoApp team. Think of us next time you need a clean-up ASAP!

There are emergencies, and then there are EMERGENCIES. The kind where alarm bells go off and everything is bathed in red light and the crew of little people in your brain starts scrambling to their panic stations…

For the life-threatening kind that involves injuries or worse, the natural go-to resources are the police, ambulance, and possibly Civil Defence.

However, you might also encounter non-life-threatening emergencies like ‘accidents’ in the car. This might include carsick passengers, spilled infant formula, and messes that really need to be taken care of, pronto. If not, there may be long-lingering odours that eventually become permanent. 

Mission: Code Brown..?

Recently, newly minted AutoApp customer Tang Chi Sin encountered such a problem in his Nissan Note. An ill-feeling passenger threw up in the back seat and onto the back of the driver’s seat on the way home one evening. 

Not wanting to worsen the mess if it was incorrectly cleaned, Mr Tang began to frantically ask his friends if there was any professional cleaning service that was available to come to his aid at such short notice. Fortunately, one of his friends was an AutoApp customer who was impressed by its service and recommended Mr Tang give it a try. As it was an urgent situation, he called the hotline, (65) 91028028.

Understanding the urgency of the situation, our Operations Manager, Kenneth Yeo, assured Mr Tang that his team would clean up his Note even though it was outside the operating hours. “Since this is a last-minute emergency work, Kenneth was very kind to provide a schedule for me during the peak period close to CNY,” recalled Mr Tang on his Facebook review

Mission Impossible?

Upon confirming the details of the situation, AutoApp sprang into action. While its Service Ambassador was en route to pick up Mr Tang’s Note, other arrangements were being made for a professional detailer to prepare for the job. 

A view certainly not for the faint of heart.

Ken (not Kenneth), AutoApp’s resident Master Detailer immediately went to work once the stricken Note arrived at the workshop.

From the moment the Nissan Note arrived at the detailing centre, Mr Tang received constant updates on the progress of the clean-up. He recounted his experience, “very personalized service by the team. While Ken is performing the cleaning, Alvin (from AutoApp) provides a constant update of the progress.” Feeling reassured that he had made the right decision, Mr Tang added, “I’m truly impressed by their effort to go the extra mile to assist me with this emergency work.”

When asked about the job, Ken noted, “There were vomit stains all over the seat and carpet. I used a hot steam cleaner to clean scrub and disinfect the affected areas as much as possible.”

With messes of this nature, numerous applications are necessary. “After that, I wiped through with clean cloths and repeated the process many times until the smell was gone. The last part was using a smoke bomb cleaner to get rid of the odour,” Ken continued. 

Mission: Success!

A couple of hours later, the Nissan Note was returned to its owner, as good as new. Delighted, Mr Tang wrote in his Google review, “Very friendly staff who goes beyond his duty in providing deep cleaning for my car. I’m really satisfied with the service provided!” 

Good as new!

Knowing who to call is one of most important first steps towards successfully managing an emergency. For Mr Tang, the crew that comes to mind if such a situation ever arises again would likely take the form of the AutoApp team.

Who you gonna call? AutoApp, of course! Reach us for emergency clean-ups, or regular servicing needs at 91-028-028 (phone/WhatsApp available).

If you prefer to do clean-ups yourself, check out our how-to article here.