01 January 2020
AUTOAPP USER GUIDE: Pick-up, quotations and servicing

This AutoApp User Guide gives you an overview of what happens after you submit a booking.

Delivering your car to the workshop in 4 steps

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Step 1: Picking up your car
Step 2: Inspecting your car
Step 3: Reviewing and approving a quotation
Step 4: Commencing work on your car

Step 1: Picking up your car

After our AutoApp HQ staff confirm your booking, a Service Ambassador (SA) and workshop will be assigned to your car. If you have any questions, you can call the SA by tapping on the phone icon.

On the scheduled pick-up date and time, our SA will meet at your preferred location to collect the car. The SA will perform a preliminary inspection and note any issues with your car, such as dents, scratches or any warning lights.

Once ready, your car will be brought to the service location.

Step 2: Inspecting your car

At the service location, the personnel will conduct a detailed evaluation (not applicable to some services) to ascertain the works needed for your car.

You will then receive a quotation via the app along with an automated push notification. You can view the quotation by selecting ‘Quotation’.

Selecting ‘Booking’ or ‘Evaluation’ will show you your original booking and the SA’s inspection summary respectively.

Step 3: Reviewing and approving a quotation

The quotation will reflect the up-to-date price and quantity of your requested services.

The workshop may also recommend additional services based on their diagnostic tests and inspection.

In order to ensure that works can be completed in a timely manner, you are required to approve the quotation as soon as possible. If you need clarification regarding your quotation, contact your SA.

While reviewing the quotation, you can still choose and select/deselect any of the services by tapping on the green ticks. The total will be recalculated and updated automatically.

Service recommended by workshop added (left) and deselected (right)
Note: Prices shown are for demonstrative purposes only and may not be up to date. Check the app for the latest prices.

When ready, click ‘Next’.

The ‘Review Quotation’ screen now shows an updated quotation reflecting the services you have approved and removed.

You can also enter a promo code and click ‘Apply’ to receive discounts on your order.

Click ‘Confirm’ to approve your quotation.

Step 4: Commencing work on your car

After you have approved the quotation, works will begin on your car, and you will be notified once the job is completed.

Ready to get your car back? Read the final part of our AutoApp User Guide to wrap things up!

If you encounter any difficulties, contact us at admin@autoapp.sg or call 91-028-028.

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