31 December 2022
New Bentley Batur Features Gold Trim Pieces Curated From 3D Printing

Bentley has announced a new ground-breaking revolutionary process of 3D printing solid gold for the Bentley Batur.

This process, according to Bentley, is an industry-first. for the automotive industry. This new-fangled ‘additive manufacturing’ technique will produce up to 210 grams of 18ct yellow gold which will be added to the Bentley Batur.

The optional 3D-printed gold accents will be scattered around the driver touchpoints. This includes the Charisma Dial, encircling the start/stop button which is used to change driver modes.

This gold is also applied to Bentley’s Organ Stop vent controls and is featured on a gold insert marker on the steering wheel.

The gold is also sustainably sourced from 100% recycled old jewellery, which is grounded into a fine powder needed for 3D printing. Recycling ensures there is no environmental mining impact from obtaining the gold.

Every 3D gold part is digitally rendered using CAD models before being sent to be printed using laser melting printers. After printing, each piece is then hand-finished by skilled artisan jewellers.  

To ensure their authenticity, all parts produced for the Batur are also hallmarked in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Additionally, any parts manufactured in 2022 will also receive the Jubilee hallmark, a tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee year.  

This 3D printing technology will not only be used to make artisanal jewellery. Bentley is currently exploring turning CAD models into physical parts, which we may see in the future. This opens the door to more low-volume manufacturing components and bespoke customer personalisation.

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