03 May 2023
BMW Digital Key Plus now available for Android devices

Android smartphone users will now be able to open, start, and close their BMW without ever taking their phones out of their pocket. Cool stuff.

And this isn’t even new-ish tech either. BMW first announced the hands-free software, dubbed Digital Key Plus, to the BMW iX back in February 2021. Now, the company has expanded the app, and will now be available for users with Android smartphones.

With a compatible smartphone, customers can now lock and unlock their BMW or start the engine without even the need to take their phone out of their pocket.

Digital Key Plus also works as a proximity sensor, where the car will react automatically when an owner is either approaching or walking away from their vehicle. This is similar to BMW’s existing walk-away feature with key fobs. 

BMW’s Digital Key Plus is currently compatible with the following smartphones:

  • Samsung Galaxy S23+ / Ultra
  • Google Pixel 7 Pro

Plus a select few older models with suitable hardware. More smartphones will be rolled out in future, and Digital Key Plus works on vehicles produced from November 2022. Some remote software upgrades will help expand this feature to vehicles built before November 2022.

Ultra-wideband technology is also built into technology, minimising the possibility of relay attacks which can jeopardise the vehicle’s locking systems.

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