05 April 2023
BMW iFace Is A New Facial Recognition System For Motorcyclists

BMW iFace is the world’s first face and eye recognition system for BMW motorcycles, providing comfort and theft protection for riders.

BMW Motorrad has just announced the world’s first face and eye recognition system that provides the highest level of comfort and theft protection for future BMW motorcycles. Dubbed BMW iFace, this new technology was developed and curated for BMW Motorrad Boxer models.

This system will be integrated into the new BMW Motorrad TFT display. Each owner’s face is three-dimensionally scanned and biometrically stored in the system. Facial recognition of the rider’s face and an iris-cornea comparison of the eyes ensure that these new motorcycles will only be unlocked by their trusted owners.

If the system locates an identification match, the ignition, steering lock and other locking functions are released and the rider can then start the motorcycle. Infrared scanning also ensures that this system can be used regardless of lighting conditions.

Should the rider have a helmet on, the system can instead use iris-cornea scanning to unlock the motorcycle. A special polarization filter also allows the scanning process to pass through even through heavily tinted and even mirrored visors, different types of glasses and contact lenses.

In the case of attempted theft, BMW iFace will communicate with BMW’s eCall electronic emergency service. The BMW Motorrad Call Centre will then receive a corresponding message about the attempted theft via a special code, and the scan data (face or eye scan) and the current geographical position data are transmitted in parallel to the international central database of the Federal Police authorities.

If corresponding data material is discovered there, the search for the missing motorcycle and suspect can commence. If no suitable data is available, the transmitted scan data will be stored in this database for possible use at a later date.

BMW iFace will be presented at one of the autumn motorshows in 2023 and will initially be launched on the new BMW Motorrad Boxer models.

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