30 June 2023
BMW M Confirms Development of M5 Touring

2024 will see the new M5 Touring unveiled to the world.

With the latest 5 Series being unveiled recently, we were secretly expecting BMW M to come along not too long thereafter with their hotted up M5. And BOY didn’t they disappoint, because word from the good folks at M is that there will be an M5 Touring alongside its sedan sibling, both of which are under development.

Just like its sedan sibling, the M5 Touring will feature a completely new partially electrified drivetrain to meet emissions compliance. This is, of course, a stepping stone toward complete electrification. “We are now also installing a hybrid drive system with typical M performance in other high-performance cars,” says Dirk Häcker, Head of Development at BMW M GmbH.

This will represent the third M5 Touring since the M5 was first conceived. 1992 saw the first station-wagon or estate version, based on the second-generation M5 codenamed E34. 2007 saw the E61 as the second. We’ll soon find out if this current generation will be codenamed G60 or G61.

Testing of the first prototypes of the new BMW M5 Touring said is to commence in the next few days in urban traffic as well as on country roads and motorways around Munich and at the BMW M GmbH headquarters in Garching. And, for sure, testing will also be conducted on the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife to fine tune its performance and handling.

BMW M enthusiasts rejoice!

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