01 August 2023
BMW Motorrad presents the R 18 The Crown

Today, we venture into the world of custom motorcycles, where one man’s passion and creativity meld with the legendary BMW R 18 to create a majestic masterpiece – the R 18 The Crown.

It’s not just any custom job; it’s the essence of 30 years of dedication and artistry brought to life by none other than the maestro himself, Dirk Oehlerking of Kingston Custom.

The R 18 Spirit of Passion already had jaws dropping with its streamlined splendour, but The Crown goes a big step further. 

Starting with a brand-new BMW R 18 and armed with hard foam and cardboard, he honed his vision, aiming to craft a machine that exudes power, elegance, and speed, with an innovative twist to set it apart. And set it apart, it certainly does.

The design was so cutting-edge that it required significant technological adaptations. A unique front wheel suspension with a double-sided swinging arm and a central suspension strut catches your eye, and this ingenious modification adds a touch of sophistication to The Crown’s already formidable stance.

Now, let’s talk metal – 2 mm thick aluminium sheet metal, to be precise. The 8-litre fuel tank and body parts are handcrafted from this, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship that Oehlerking brings to each project. The two stainless steel exhaust manifolds are also the fruit of his labour.

Don’t let all the custom magic trick you into thinking The Crown loses touch with its BMW roots. Oehlerking masterfully integrates standard components like the headlight, instrument panel, switch units, and footrest system seamlessly into his awe-inspiring concept. 

Colour-wise, the bike is finished in a Champagne Platinum paint finish with a subtle mother-of-pearl sheen, adorned by the BMW brand emblem embellished with a small crown. It’s as if The Crown sits on its rightful throne, basking in its own glory.

The unveiling of The Crown will be an occasion at the BMW Motorrad Days in Berlin from 7th to 9th July 2023, commemorating 100 years of BMW Motorrad. It’s a celebration of passion, creativity, and a roaring testament to the artistry that Dirk Oehlerking has poured into his craft for three decades.

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