08 October 2020
Bridgestone E-tailer: AutoApp launches first virtual tyre dealership

Customers can enjoy the convenience of shopping for Bridgestone tyres and having them fitted without leaving home.

AutoApp brings yet another level of convenience to its customers. This time, it comes in the form of a virtual tyre dealership. The Bridgestone concierge tyre E-tailer is the result of a collaboration between Bridgestone Tyre Singapore and AutoApp.

“AutoApp is proud to be part of this innovative collaboration with Bridgestone,” said Joel Tam, Chief Executive Officer of Ignition Labs, the company behind AutoApp. “As an online dealer, we offer customers value-for-money pricing and exclusive convenience services such as home or office pick- up and return assistance, performed by our Service Ambassadors who are professionally- trained and comprehensively insured.”

The latest range of Bridgestone tyres are available from the AutoApp Bridgestone concierge tyre E-tailer store
The latest range of Bridgestone tyres are available from the AutoApp Bridgestone concierge tyre E-tailer store

Buying tyres online may not be new. AutoApp however, goes a step further by saving the customer the trouble of driving to the tyre shop. AutoApp’s signature Collection & Delivery (C&D) takes care of this chore with insurance coverage for the car owner’s peace of mind. Should there be an unforeseen accident, the customer’s car insurance policy will not be affected.

How it works

From the AutoApp virtual tyre store, customers only need to fill up a simple survey, which will help find a suitable Bridgestone tyre for their car. Then, they set an appointment date and time for their car to be picked up by an AutoApp Service Ambassador.

Before the the pick up, the customer will be contacted by AutoApp, where a quotation will be advised along with more information about the tyres recommended for their car.

Once agreed, the tyre replacement is booked and paid for through the smartphone app. While the owner relaxes at home or anywhere they choose, AutoApp takes care of everything needed to have a fresh set of rubber fitted to their car.

An AutoApp Service Ambassador checks the tyres on a customer’s car

Free Collection & Delivery for first-time users

If you are new to AutoApp, you’re in luck. First time customers will be entitled to a free C&D worth $68. This includes purchasing tyres from the AutoApp Bridgestone concierge tyre E-tailer.

The price of the Bridgestone tyres quoted includes wheel balancing and installation.

With the year-end rainy season upon us, a new set of tyres may be exactly what we need to stay safe on the roads.

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