14 October 2020
CAR-TOONS FOR KIDS: Programmes for your budding petrolhead

Can’t wait to share your love for cars with your kids? Start them early with these inspirational car-toons to get them in the mood.

Parents might shudder to think about their mini-mes developing the same bad habits like public nose digging or butt scratching. However, nothing could make a parent more proud than their little ones expressing interest in the same hobbies too. After all, being able to connect with your child helps foster good relationships. If you’re eager on getting your kids keen on your interests, gently coaxing them is one way to do it. For car enthusiasts, here are some car cartoons (car-toons for kids, get it?) that are sure to get your young ones inspired.

Robocar Poli (Netflix / Viu / YouTube)

One of the car-toons for kids aged three years and above, Robocar Poli encourages safe behaviour and helping others in need. Robocar Poli follows the adventures of a police car named Poli who, along with his rescue station pals, helps keep the town safe.

Not only will kids enjoy watching Poli and friends race around town rescuing other characters from tricky situations, they will be in for a nice surprise when Poli and friends transform into robots, just like the Transformers.

Note: Parents might like to sit in together on the show. Some of the rescue missions may appear more complicated for young children.

Toot-Toot Cory Carson (Netflix)

If you ever wondered if cars could cuddle… Well, Toot-Toot Cory Carson demonstrates exactly how. Next on our list of car-toons, Cory Carson is unlike your regular roadster animation. Instead, it’s about a wholesome little orange car named Cory Carson, who navigates growing up in his hometown. You could think of it as preschool life set in a world of cars.

Parents and kids alike will find some situations rather familiar; siblings trying to best each other, “the floor is lava” games, and more. While Cory may sometimes land himself in unpredictable situations, he is willing to learn the important lessons and makes a great role model for growing children.

Mighty Express (Netflix)

With a catchy opening theme song, this Netflix original will certainly get your kids bopping in their seats. While Mighty Express may not be car themed, watching train engines race down the tracks will surely be a fun experience.

Featuring Freight Nate and his friends, the kids of Tracksville run different stations and rely on trains with different roles and duties. What’s fun about Mighty Express is how kids get to directly live their dreams running the town with no adult supervision.

Go Karts (Netflix)

Ok, I concede. This obviously doesn’t count as car-toons for kids but it has all the elements that will surely inspire children to strive for their dreams. This Australian production is the epitome of children taking inspiration from their parents. Go Karts follows the story of a young teen who discovers a natural talent for… that’s right, karting. He then aims to work towards winning the National Go Karts Championship.

A great underdog story for older children and young teens, Go Karts not only brings the excitement of a race but also the hard work and grit it takes to win.

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