03 May 2020
CAR ANIMAL MASCOTS: And the stories behind them

Bulls, horses, lions? Each of these have a special significance when it comes to cars. Learn more about these famous car animal mascots!

Many cultures and societies use symbols as visual representations that easily convey meaning without needing further explanation. From ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics to modern-day emojis, we rely heavily on visual cues to communicate. Brands too, make use of logos as key visual representations, often to communicate company values or characteristics of their products.

Historically, humans have held a fascination for animals. So it is no surprise that animals often appear in logos and as mascots. You might have noticed some animals featuring on cars more often than not. Here are some of the reasons why.

Horse power

They call it horsepower for a reason. It originates from a time when the power of draft horses were used to measure the amount of work steam engines could do. While work horses are strong and resilient creatures, horses also represent freedom, travel and speed.

The horse on the Porsche logo not only reflects its horsepower. It also pays tribute to the city of Stuttgart where the brand was founded and is headquartered.

The Ferrari prancing horse was first seen on the fighter plane of an Italian pilot and nobleman Francesco Baracca. His parents encouraged the brand’s founder Enzo Ferrari to use the same horse on his racing car for luck. Enzo in turn painted the horse against a yellow background and became the inspiration behind the brand’s logo.

You probably easily recognise this logo.

The galloping horse of the Ford Mustang, ironically, outlasted the car it was originally designed for. First seen on the Mustang I concept in 1962, the mid-engine sports car never made production. The logo however, got the nod. It was eventually used on the company’s ‘Pony’ car project which spawned generations of sports cars to this day.

Ford Mustang Concept 1, 1962
… But not this car. The first Ford with the Mustang badge never made it to production.
This one did. The 2020 Ford Mustang

Lions, and Jaguars, and Bulls. Oh my!

The male lion is often referred to as the ‘king of beasts’, and so it is synonymous with royalty. Peugeot has used the lion from as early as 1850 to represent the strength and sharpness of its products. In those days, the French company was an industrial manufacturer of steel products, including saws and blades. Then, the lion symbolised the strength of the steel, speed of the cut, and the flexibility of the blade.

British luxury car maker Jaguar uses its namesake to represent qualities such as speed, power, and grace. Attributes ideal for a car. By using the Leaper, the company has also created one of the most iconic hood ornaments.

Bulls are often perceived as tough and relentless creatures. For Lamborghini, the company began first as a tractor-producing company that repurposed old military machines after the Second World War. The charging bull logo was only envisioned later in the 1960s to embody strength and power. It also represented Taurus, the zodiac of founder Ferrucio Lamborghini.

The AutoApp squirrel

At AutoApp, the squirrel is chosen as our brand mascot to represent our values and services.

AutoApp squirrel logo

Resourceful and Organised

The squirrel is known to store food such as nuts both in its nest and in the ground. Many species of squirrel do not hibernate. So to survive, it needs to prepare for periods when food is scarce in the winter. Some species are even known to sort their food according to size and type! (This doesn’t mean we approve of hoarding instant noodles and toilet paper, though.)

AutoApp Service Ambassadors are well-equipped with the knowledge and resources for the services your car needs. Our app will keep all the information and updates you need to know organised in one place.

Quick and Flexible

Be it running across a field or up a tree, squirrels are able to move quickly. Some species are known to run as fast as 32 kilometres per hour. They’re also agile and can move in zigzag patterns. Either way, we’ll take it.

The goal of AutoApp is to always provide quick and flexible service. With the app, customers will be able to select and customise the services for their car.

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