07 August 2023
Celebrating 30 Years of Speed With Porsche 75th Anniversary at Goodwood

Goodwood’s 30th anniversary of the Festival of Speed aptly coincides with Porsche celebrating the 75th anniversary of its very first sports car – the 356.

Porsche is celebrating their 75th Anniversary in 2023, and throughout the year thus far they have launched a myriad of events worldwide for fans around the world to revel in. Of course, with an anniversary as grand as this, the German marque would definitely make a splash at the legendary Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Porsche didn’t just provide any celebration; it was a full-throttle symphony of power, passion, and a whole lot of roaring metal.

A Parade of Legends and Legacy

Picture this: the sun kissing the asphalt, engines humming like a choir of harmonious beasts, and the smell of rubber hanging in the air like a tantalizing promise. That’s the scene at this year’s Festival of Speed, where Porsche took centre stage as the honoured marque. It’s like being handed the keys to a treasure trove of automotive history and heart-pounding performance.

From the iconic 917, driven by none other than the 1970 Le Mans champion Richard Attwood, to the cutting-edge 919 Hybrid, the hill came alive with the echoes of Porsche’s illustrious racing history. It’s a tribute to the past 75 years of speed, innovation, and the tireless pursuit of excellence.

And let’s not forget the legends themselves – Nick Tandy, Kévin Estre, Michael Christensen, and the legendary Mark Webber, all joining the celebration. It’s a star-studded cast that’s a testament to Porsche’s lasting impact on the world of racing.

This year’s Porsche parade included tons of iconic Porsches – the fearsomely powerful longtail 935/78 better known as Moby Dick, the 993 911, the iconic 911 GT1, the Le Mans winner 919 Hybrid, and of course the iconic 356, the car that started it all, among many others.

Krishan Bodhani, the driving force behind Porsche Cars Great Britain, summed it up perfectly: “We’re delighted that Goodwood gave us this brilliant opportunity to share our passion with enthusiasts, Porsche fans and owners here in the UK.”

And trust me, folks, Porsche and Goodwood go way back. The Duke of Richmond and Gordon, the maestro behind the Festival of Speed, knows it all too well: “Porsche has been one of our most loyal and enthusiastic partners, supporting the Festival of Speed since 1995, and the Revival since 2010.” That’s a partnership that’s been firing on all cylinders for quite some time.

From Classics to Cutting-Edge

Now, let’s talk metal. The hillclimb at Goodwood is like a racetrack on steroids, a place where legends are made and speed is the name of the game. Imagine the very first Porsche sports car, the iconic 1948 356 No 1, conquering that historic stretch of road. It’s like witnessing a piece of automotive folklore come to life, a true homage to where it all began.

But hold on, because we’re not just looking back – we’re peering into the future too. Feast your eyes on the sleek and powerful Porsche 718 Spyder RS, which made its global dynamic debut on the Goodwood hill. It’s a glimpse into what Porsche has in store, a tantalizing hint at the heart-pounding innovation that’s yet to come.

A Symphony of Design and Passion

It’s not just about the roar of engines and the rush of speed – Porsche brings art to life on the Goodwood grounds. Gerry Judah, the wizard behind the scenes, conjured up a bespoke steel sculpture that’s nothing short of breathtaking. This masterpiece, weighing in at a hefty 50 tonnes, is a tribute to Porsche’s 75-year journey. Six cars, each a symbol of Porsche’s evolution, soaring through the air in perfect harmony.

And let’s not forget the surprises that Porsche had up its sleeve. The Mission X concept is a hypercar straight out of a sci-fi dream, with Le Mans-style doors that open upward to the front and a powertrain that’s all about performance and efficiency.

But the real showstopper is the Vision 357 Speedster, an all-electric marvel that pays homage to the iconic 356.

An Automotive Wonderland

Now, if you thought this was just about cars on the track, think again. Porsche didn’t hold back in turning the Goodwood grounds into a playground of excitement. From the Porsche Classic showcase to a buzzing café and even a dedicated play area for the younger enthusiasts, it’s an automotive wonderland where everyone’s invited to join the party.

And speaking of parties, the festivities spilt beyond the Festival itself. Ever seen a 911 Carrera toy car being pushed around by a larger-than-life figure? That’s “Dream Big,” an art installation that captures the spirit of Porsche in a whimsical and larger-than-life way.

Curated by renowned artist Chris Labrooy, we’ve seen this installation in Singapore previously, and its great to catch it again on the grounds of Goodwood.

The Art Of Dreams

The Porsche 75th Anniversary at the Goodwood Festival of Speed was a journey through time, a celebration of innovation, and a testament to the power of passion. It’s a reminder that beyond the engines and the metal, it’s the stories, the art, and the camaraderie that make the automotive world truly extraordinary.

So, here’s to 75 years of Porsche excellence, to the roar of engines, and to the unbreakable bond between speed and the human spirit.

Photo Credits: Sean Loo (@auto.driven)

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