26 March 2021
AUTOAPP: Dana’s convenient alternative

Do you frequently rely on a family member or friend for help with your car? You’re not alone. We caught up with our customer, Dana Loh, to find out more about her car ownership experience.

Most drivers would readily agree that owning a car brings a great deal of convenience. Dana Loh doesn’t disagree. With three kids in tow, her recently acquired Nissan Qashqai bears the important responsibility of shuttling her three kids around on weekends, though WFH circumstances mean she moves around less on weekdays.

“I think there’s a lot of convenience in having a car when you have children,” she says, “the convenience is particularly evident on wet weather days.”

Dana describes her Qashqai as “sturdy” and “sporty” with enough room for her kids to fit comfortably. That piqued our curiosity, and we asked Dana what she typically looked for in a car. It’s unsurprising that pricing and ease of maintenance top her list, as does her inclination towards Japanese makes, which check many easy-to-maintain and everyday-use boxes.

And, while having a car means being able to travel somewhere further or less accessible, like everything else, there’s a catch. Now, you may have heard the line, “with great power comes great responsibility”, but to this writer, it’s more of “with great convenience comes great inconvenience”, at least where cars are concerned. Like most intricate machinery, cars are comprised of complex, interconnected systems, and a failure in one system inadvertently affects the entire machine. 

A car enthusiast might be able to hazard a guess or two, but for many others, immediately figuring out what the problem with the car might be isn’t as straightforward. Even for Dana, who is an experienced driver with over 22 years under her belt, she counts on her brother or other driver friends to help troubleshoot any car issues.

In August 2020, Dana encountered problems with her ABS warning lights. The lights came on even while driving in dry conditions at reasonable speeds, leaving her in a bit of a pinch. She shares that her ex-husband used to be the one taking the car for servicing at a workshop somewhere around Sin Ming.

“Now that I’m single parenting, I have to look for an alternative.”

It was her brother who introduced AutoApp to her. “My brother saw an article feature, I think in the Straits Times and suggested I give this a try,” says Dana. 

“Frankly, I was surprised there is such an app/alternative available.”

Dana contacted AutoApp, and that same day, her car was brought to a workshop, fixed, and returned to her later in the evening. She couldn’t be more pleased, and described the entire experience as “a breeze”.

“I think the range of services offered is really comprehensive at the moment,” she says when we quiz her about anything else she’d like to see on the app. “The app provides regular updates, and at any point in time you can also WhatsApp the Service Ambassador.”

Would Dana recommend AutoApp to others? “Yes” is our favourite answer.