22 August 2022
Eersta engine oil turned my car into a smooth operator

An oil change and engine rejuvenation can literally roll back the years on a high-mileage car to make it drive like new

Engine oil is one of the most overlooked, yet vital components for any Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) car.  Like blood circulating throughout your body, the engine oil lubricates the moving parts and prevents bits of metal from rubbing against each other until there’s nothing left but a heap of filings. Oftentimes, only a film of engine oil, thinner than that of a fingernail prevents one part from rubbing against the other. 

Besides protection from engine wear, the other benefits that superior engine oils offer are lower fuel consumption, and therefore lower emissions. Additionally, it is also possible to get back the power and responsiveness that your car was designed to have when it rolled off the production line. 

From personal experience, this was evident after a recent oil change on my Toyota Estima. After 13 years and over 245,000km, it is fair to say that the “family bus” was beginning to feel its age. Especially after the previous 240,000km oil, as well as transmission fluid change, there was a noticeable sluggishness when moving from a standstill. Idling had also got rougher than usual as well so I thought that the engine mounts needed replacing as well. 

The additional incentive were the record high fuel prices. Any way of covering more kilometres between fill-ups would be a welcomed bonus. In better times, replacing the car with a newer, more efficient model would be the logical choice but the $100k-plus COE cycle at this point makes it worth exploring any other alternative I can… 

AutoApp to the rescue

Even though it was less than 10,000km since my last servicing, the sluggishness and excessive engine vibrations had reached a point where something had to be done. 

Coincidentally, around this time local lubricant manufacturer Eersta reached out to us about their latest range of automotive engine oils, the Accel/Enevra and Accel/Everex. With over 10 years of experience, Eersta has established itself in the marine, industrial and heavy-duty segment before venturing into the automotive world. 

More recently, Eersta has also launched a range of engine oils for motorcycles.

To evaluate the Eersta engine oil, I used the AutoApp Basic Service Package. This included 4-litres of Eersta Everex fully-synthetic engine oil, oil filter, labour and service as well as a 14-point safety check that includes engine fluids, brakes, tyres, battery condition, external lighting and a general undercarriage inspection.

While Eersta Accel Everex is recommended for Japanese and Korean cars, Eersta Accel Enerva is apparently more suitable for Continental models. 

In addition, I also decided to try the AutoApp Engine refresh package for an additional $90. This involves using Liquid Moly Engine Flush Plus, Injection Cleaner and Cera Tec Oil Additive. For good measure, I also opted for the AutoApp Aircon Refresh Package. This uses Liqui Moly Klima Refresh that gets rid of long-term air-conditioning odours typically caused by bacteria and mould in the system. If you have a musty-smelling interior, this will get rid of the odour.

Along with these curated services, there was of course the unsurpassed convenience of AutoApp’s Concierge service where my car was collected and delivered back to me without having to leave my home or take time off from my schedule. Also, gone are the days of wasting hours on end just sitting in a waiting area, sitting amongst strangers, staring at my phone.  

Eersta, experience the difference

To say that I could feel the difference would be an understatement. When I drove my Estima after it had been returned, it felt like it had a brand new engine fitted, rather than an oil change. It instantly felt more responsive, driving with a level of smoothness and quietness I had forgotten it was capable of for some time. 

The oil change, engine flush and air-con refresh options I had gone instantly made my car feel and smell like it was new! 

The Eersta fully-synthetic engine oil, I later found out from its distributor, Start First, was formulated, “using leading engine oils as a starting point”. The company then worked with global international additive producers to fine-tune the lubricant to surpass its competitors. Speaking exclusively to AutoApp, Kelvin Loh, Director of Start First the official distributor, added that Eersta engine lubricants have received manufacturer approval from BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen Group vehicles.

Although Eersta Accel is developed to be used globally, being based in Singapore has its advantages. The manufacturer paid attention in enhancing the oil’s hot weather performance coupled with frequent short trips and stop-start traffic conditions.   

The hot spell during this time of the year was proof of this. No wonder my car feels more “at home” in heavy traffic than it used to. Perhaps the biggest upside I have experienced since the Eersta oil change is that the fuel consumption of my Estima seems to have reduced considerably.

Previously, this 8-seat Toyota would average just over 400km before the fuel warning light comes on. After the last top-up, I have driven more than 300km and the fuel gauge has only just reached the 1/2 tank mark. Check back for updates…

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