28 April 2023
Emission-Free Deliveries With Cycle & Carriage And SingPost

Cycle & Carriage (C&C), the authorised distributor for Citroen in Singapore, has recently announced a partnership that provides SingPost with 35 Citroën ë-Dispatch EV vans.

This partnership is part of SingPost’s target to transition to an all-electric delivery fleet by 2026. C&C has also collaborated with other companies like FairPrice Group and Uniqlo Singapore in the past, supplying new Citroën electric vans for a wide range of business needs.

On top of supplying SingPost with the vans, C&C will also conduct two new trials. The first is Mobile Servicing, which will see C&C technicians performing onsite servicing and maintenance for SingPost’s fleet at their headquarters, eliminating the need to drive the vans to a dedicated workshop. This will greatly streamline SingPost’s operations, further optimising operational efficiency whilst minimising downtime.

The second trial is Carbon Tracking and Reporting. Utilising telematics to transmit data from the vehicle, data will be sent to a central system for analysis and reporting. C&C will process this data to allow SingPost to analyse the amount of carbon they save, giving them accurate insights into their sustainability and decarbonisation efforts.

The trials are set to commence in June 2023, further underlining C&C’s scope as an e-Mobility service provider.

“We are excited to partner with SingPost on this important initiative,” said Ms Dawn Pan, Chief Operation Officer of Multi-Franchise Operations at Cycle & Carriage Singapore. “These illuminating trials will help us to continuously improve our services, and prove that we are not just any distributor. We also aim to help improve our clients’ operation efficiency and ease their journey to e-Mobility.”

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