25 August 2023
Fully Renovated Toyota Showroom and Service Centre Opens

Omichannel customer platform also launched for Toyota customers.

The opening of Inchcape Singapore’s fully-renovated Toyota showroom and service centre at 33 Leng Kee Road also saw the introduction of Omnichannel, a customer platform that allows Toyota’s potential customers to configure and order their new cars online, or at the showroom, or a combination of both. One can call it a holistic and seamless end-to-end phy-gital customer journey.

“Our Omnichannel platform together with the all-new Toyota Showroom exemplifies our commitment to going the extra mile for our valued customers,” said Ng Khee Siong, Interim Managing Director of Inchcape Singapore.

“Our goal is to make the car purchase experience more convenient and seamless across all touchpoints, such as physical showrooms, websites, mobile apps, social media, and more. We aim to deliver excellent services, comprehensive support and better engagement for our customers throughout the journey from vehicle selection, purchase, personalised onboarding, trade-in and aftersales care.”

In essence, customers can build their dream car using the “Build and Price Configurator”, personalizing such items as body colour, interior and accessories. They can even gain insights into financing and insurance coverage during this process. Having saved their configuration online in their “My Account”, customers can then conclude their purchases together with their Toyota sales consultants either online or in the showroom with seamless viewing of physical colour plates and seat fabrics per customers’ saved choices.

The journey doesn’t end there. Toyota Always app and website would be used to book service appointments, purchase service packages or any other required aftersales support.

A newly introduced SMART Q system can recognise customers based on their license plates and send queue tickets via automated SMS as they drive in for their service appointments. This system is said to be able to improve waiting times by up to 30 per cent.

Intrigued? Why not check out the process for yourself? Start with the Build and Price Configurator, create your very own “My Account” and check out the showroom thereafter.

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