29 March 2024
Harmony Auto is BYD’s third dealer in its sales network

Aggressive as ever, BYD has appointed Harmony Auto as its third dealer to ramp up their sales touchpoints.

Right in the heart of the Central Business District and its doors open to a busy Robinson Road, Harmony Auto has arguably the most strategically situated showroom in Singapore.

The company, which is part of China Harmony New Energy Auto Holding Limited, an established automobile service group in China listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, is BYD’s third and latest dealer.

As far as showroom locations go, this might just be a first for Singapore. To have cars so prominently placed in an affluent side of town with PMEBs, D, and C-suite executives who walk and drive past the area every day seems nothing short of perfect, especially for a stylish and growing EV brand like BYD.

BYD signage Robinson

For the uninitiated, it is uncommon for automotive brands to have more than one dealer in a small country like Singapore. However, in the same way that BMW appointed two dealers, BYD seems to have followed suit and given multiple dealers the right to sell their cars.

The sizable showroom at 77 Robinson Road can accommodate four cars, a lounge area, a merchandise section, and more. Decorated in a modern and tasteful way, it is no doubt modelled to the BYD corporate identity and looks like a cosy space for potential buyers to browse in.

So, if you’re in town (literally), do drop by Harmony Auto’s BYD showroom and have a look around; you might find an award-winning EV that might catch your fancy.

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