15 September 2023
How can automotive dealers like Inchcape Singapore pave the way towards a more sustainable future?

Sustainability continues to play a pivotal role in how companies plan and grow their business, and Inchcape Singapore is no stranger to this eco-centric progress.

Over the past few years, we have seen a massive eco-driven shift in the automotive industry, where industry leaders are driving efforts to launch the latest and greatest electric vehicles and various sustainability initiatives. 

As part of its dedication to create sustainable value for its customers and stakeholders, Inchcape Singapore is going beyond just introducing electrified vehicles, but embodying this sustainability mindset in its day-to-day operations as well.

Hence, the company has revamped its Toyota showroom. The new space is thoughtfully designed with environmental considerations in mind. Energy-efficient LED lights illuminate the now serene and warm facade, and the building is equipped with solar panels to harness renewable energy.

Emphasising the commitment to reducing plastic waste, the showroom also no longer provides disposable bottled water but instead has a water bottle fountain for those itching for a drink.

Speaking to Mr Ng Khee Siong, Interim Managing Director of Inchcape Singapore, he shared how Inchcape will be leveraging proprietary technologies to promote sustainable living in the near future.

“Here at Inchcape Singapore, we are committed to creating exceptional experiences for all our valued customers. This is in line with our ‘customer-first’ philosophy which we embody in every action we take. Increasingly, customers of today are not only more eco-conscious, but they are also more interconnected and intelligent.”

To meet those expectations, Inchcape has employed an omnichannel approach to tackle both customer expectations of a seamless end-to-end journey and sustainability. With their new DXP Digital Direct Configurator, customers are now able to create a MyAccount on Toyota’s website, where the configurator helps to integrate the necessary information from Singpass seamlessly onto the website.

With such a feature, customers can easily complete online forms or apply for loans with their Myinfo Profile, removing the necessity of physical forms and reducing our paper usage. In fact, the new Toyota Showroom is paperless. Neat!

Aligned with the Inchcape pillar of creating more sustainable value for stakeholders, Inchcape is taking steps to pivot itself in the right direction across all brands. That means being a responsible business and understanding the risks and opportunities that will arise as a result of climate change, and incorporating environmental considerations in future decision-making processes.

On top of that, Inchcape now has a diverse range of cars for various automotive needs (ranging from hybrids, plug-in hybrids or electric). The landmark partnership between Borneo Motors Singapore and SP Group for Tengah has also been one of their big efforts; developing and promoting cost-effective and flexible EV sharing and leasing programmes for the Tengah township.

When asked about challenges that may potentially impact the pace of sustainability adoption, Mr Ng added that it is “encouraging to see that today’s customers are more environmentally concerned, and that we are making progress as a country in advancing the sustainability agenda.”

One such method is by educating the public, and raising awareness about the benefits of EVs. This is achieved through active investment in future-proofing Singapore and grooming young talents by partnering with Singapore Polytechnic to co-create EV training modules.

On the aftersales side of things, Inchcape Singapore has been working with their AutoInsure partners to open more EV workshops across the island in the future. Additionally, with the MoU with the LTA – part of their Singapore National Electric Vehicle Specialist Safety Certification Programme – their EV technicians will undergo in-depth training on the operation, diagnosis, and repair of electric and hybrid vehicles. This will allow them to better service our customers who own EVs.

So, you might be a prospective customer, but you don’t necessarily want to make the transition to EVs just yet. That’s where the Toyota’s Multiple Pathway approach comes into play, offering customers the choice of various vehicle powertrain technologies (HEV, PHEV, BEV, FCEV, HiCEV, or even bio-fuel vehicles). This allows every customer to select cleaner and greener mobility options that are suitable for their economic circumstances, energy source, charging infrastructure readiness, industrial policies and usage needs. Gaining scale through accessibility.

This is also in line with Toyota’s “Mobility for All” objective, and allows everyone to participate in the decarbonisation journey. 

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