23 August 2023
Hyundai Kona Hybrid Launched In Singapore

Futuristic looks meets efficient hybrid drivetrain; that’s the new Hyundai Kona Hybrid.

Komoco Motors has recently launched  the all-new Kona Hybrid, a big upgrade over its predecessor. The media was offered a sneak preview on July 14, 2023. The all-electric variant is set to join the party in future, so let’s focus on the hybrid first.

An efficient 1.6-litre engine cosies up to a snappy 43bhp electric motor. Combined, the duo manages 129bhp and 265Nm of torque. This gives the car a claimed fuel efficiency of 21.3km/L. Not too shabby!

This hybrid package is also wrapped up in this new chic body style. Futuristic Seamless Horizon Lamps are reminiscent of the Hyundai Staria, and the sculpted wheel arch claddings perfectly match the snazzy 18-inch parametric design rims. The whole ensemble gives the Kona an upmarket facade.

Thanks to an extended wheelbase, this Kona comes with extra room to stretch your legs. 77mm more legroom for the rear passengers, to be exact. Not just that, headroom’s got a boost too – 11mm more for the folks in the back.

The space up front has been totally redesigned as well. The gear selector is now behind the steering wheel, leaving the centre console free for all your odds and ends. 

That’s where the slick 12.3-inch integrated dual-screen display is at your service, alongside a myriad of switches for HVAC and media controls.

It’s not just about looks either. Those seats are designed with ‘weightless’ body pressure distribution in mind, which means long drives won’t leave you feeling like you’ve run a marathon.

The Kona Hybrid comes with a powered tailgate which swings open to reveal a 466-litre boot – perfect for all those adventure essentials. And if you’re planning to haul more, just fold down the second-row seats, and voila, you’ve got yourself 1,300 litres of cargo playground.

Oh, and the Kona Hybrid struts its stuff in a range of 8 vibrant shades, from Abyss Black to Mirage Green. Just like your favourite gelato flavours – there’s something for everyone.

Check out the new Kona Hybrid today in Hyundai’s showroom, located at 253 Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159936.

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