17 April 2024
IDEMIA paves way for automotive-grade NFC key cards.

NFC key cards for cars may soon be a reality, thanks to IDEMIA and its new accolade.

IDEMIA Secure Transactions (IST), a division of the global leader IDEMIA Group, has recently clinched the NFC Forum Certification according to the latest Certification Release 13 (CR13).

This achievement underscores their leadership in delivering cutting-edge payment and connectivity solutions across financial sectors, telecommunications, and notably, automotive manufacturing.

What makes this accolade stand out is its inclusion of automotive car access NFC use cases as outlined by the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), which spearheads the evolution of smartphone-to-car connectivity technologies.

IST’s certification marks a pivotal evolution in how we access our vehicles. With their automotive-grade NFC Key Cards now compatible with CCC Digital Key standards, IST paves the way for automakers to implement more seamless NFC car access solutions. 

This is a promise of heightened interoperability between NFC-enabled vehicles and their key cards. It enhances IST’s suite of digital keys, all tailored to meet the exacting standards of the CCC, and set for market launch in 2025. 

Fabien Jautard, Executive Vice President for Connectivity Services at IST, expressed immense pride in this pioneering achievement. “Achieving the CR13 NFC Forum certification for our automotive-grade NFC Key Cards places us at the forefront of the automotive sector globally,” he remarked.

“This milestone not only reaffirms our commitment to the highest industry standards but also emphasizes our leadership in securing the most reliable and convenient solutions in the market.”

With IST’s solutions, carmakers can offer a balanced approach to vehicle access, enhancing both security and user experience. Moreover, IDEMIA’s influence in the automotive sphere is already substantial, having connected 45 million vehicles globally and collaborated with five of the top ten carmakers. 

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