24 April 2024
 Inchcape and Karcher Launch New Water-Saving Car Wash

This is an industry-first carwash gantry made by Karcher which recycles up to 85% of the water used per wash.

In a city where every drop of water counts, Singapore stands at the forefront of tackling environmental challenges, particularly when it comes to conserving our most precious resource.

Recognising the urgency, local distributor Inchcape Singapore has teamed up with Karcher to introduce a groundbreaking solution in sustainable car wash practices that dramatically slashes water usage.

Together, they’ve rolled out an industry-first automated car wash gantry capable of recycling an impressive 85% of the water used per wash.

Traditional car washes are notorious for their water consumption, typically gulping down around 130 litres with every vehicle they clean.

However, this innovative partnership flips the script through advanced technology. It’s projected that up to 7.5 million litres of water will be conserved annually across all Inchcape locations in Singapore. To put that into perspective, that’s equivalent to the volume of three Olympic-sized swimming pools!

The process is fascinating: the wastewater from each wash undergoes a sophisticated filtration system that clears impurities down to 70 microns (about one-third the diameter of a human hair). This reclaimed water is then reused for the initial stages of washing the cars, with only the final rinse requiring fresh water.

But it’s not all about water conservation. The system ensures that each vehicle isn’t just cleaned, but immaculately so. Each gantry is fitted with specially designed polyethene brushes that guarantee a consistent and thorough clean without compromising on quality. 

The setup includes a precise mechanism for rear cleaning and rim washing, ensuring every nook and cranny is spotless. For that final touch, a contour-following roof dryer whisks away any remaining droplets, leaving each car sparkling and dry.

Currently, the Inchcape-owned car wash service is available exclusively for Toyota, Lexus, and Suzuki customers at Inchcape’s Leng Kee and Ubi aftersales service centres.

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