18 August 2023
Jaguar Is Preserving The F-Type’s V8 Sound At The British Library

The Jaguar F-Type R’s V8 soundtrack has been preserved, so future generations can experience and savour it. Nice.

As Jaguar boldly embraces an all-electric horizon, we bid a bittersweet adieu to the iconic 5.0-litre supercharged V8 that has graced the majestic F-Type. This transition, while promising a greener future, also marks the end of an era that has thrilled us with symphonies of power and performance.

But fear not, for Jaguar is determined to preserve the soul-stirring essence of its final combustion-powered masterpiece. In a move that truly warms the heart, Jaguar has gifted the British Library with a treasure trove of sound recordings from the F-Type V8, ensuring that the captivating exhaust notes of this mighty beast echo through time for generations to come.

Imagine, the F-Type R 75, its powerful heart nestled in the semi-anechoic chamber at the Gaydon Engineering Center, a sanctuary where mechanical symphonies are born. In this very chamber, the F-Type’s exhaust note was meticulously tuned, a process that saw more than 85 iterations in pursuit of auditory perfection. And now, this sacred space bore witness to the orchestration of sound clips that captured the F-Type R’s gear shifts and acceleration runs.

Charles Richardson, the maestro behind the scenes, the Jaguar senior sound engineer, paints a vivid picture of the journey: “The F-TYPE’s supercharged V8 makes a unique sound because of the meticulous optimization work we applied to the entire powertrain, most of all to the intake and exhaust systems – more than 85 iterations before we first launched the car, and developed continuously ever since. The culmination of that work – the sounds you experience driving the F-TYPE R 75 – is something we want to be available for generations to come.”

The soul-stirring growl, the thunderous roars, the symphony of horsepower and torque, all lovingly archived within the hallowed halls of the British Library. As you listen to these recordings, you’re transported to the driver’s seat, a witness to the F-Type’s crescendo of power. While the recording might not capture every nuance of the live experience, it’s a tantalizing glimpse into the world of automotive passion.

But let’s take a moment to acknowledge the poignant truth – the F-Type’s V8 will eventually fade into history. The next generation might not hear the glorious rumbles of a combustion-powered beast firsthand, left to explore museums to unearth the auditory treasures of the past. A touch of melancholy settles in, reminding us of the fleeting nature of time.

In the words of Cheryl Tipp, the British Library’s curator of wildlife and environmental sounds, “We’re delighted to be able to preserve recordings of the F-TYPE V8 engine for Jaguar enthusiasts and listeners around the world. As production of this engine comes to a close, this unique noise takes its place in the nation’s archive alongside other sounds that can no longer be heard today.”

As we bid farewell to the roaring V8, let us raise our imaginary glasses to Jaguar. The symphony of the F-Type’s V8 may no longer grace the open roads, but its spirit lives on, immortalized within the British Library’s hallowed halls.

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