02 May 2023
Jaguar Land Rover Wants To Reinvent Itself Into New Subbrands

The Jaguar Land Rover group wants to rebrand itself into four new subbrands, namely Range Rover, Discovery, Defender and Jaguar.

Jaguar Land Rover has recently announced that it will now rebrand its name, being recognised henceforth as JLR. This rebranding aims to shift more focus onto the four subbrands it currently has in its arsenal.

The four subbrands in question are Range Rover, Discovery, Defender and Jaguar.

This change of strategy is all in a bid to reposition JLR as a house of brands. As quoted by Gerry McGovern, JLR’s chief creative officer “Our ultimate ambition is to build truly emotionally engaging experiences for our clients that, over time, will build long-term high equity for our brands and long-term sustainability for JLR.”

Financial motivations

This sudden rebranding appears to be motivated by JLR’s struggle in recent years to separate its large model lineup, and the rebrand is an attempt to create more distinct personalities between its vehicles.

With the updated branding, each Land Rover category is essentially being turned into a fully-fledged brand, further joined by Jaguar.

What’s going to happen to Land Rover?

Land Rover has been a British staple for the better part of half a century, and the absence of its name in the rebranding has already caused a storm on social media in the United Kingdom.

JLR has since confirmed that the name would still continue to live on as a badge on its SUVs. So then, what’s all the fuss about with the rebrand in the first place..? Doesn’t that make things a tad more confusing?

In any case, JLR has already put forth plans to repurpose its U.K. showrooms to incorporate these new changes. The major dealers will continue to stock all of JLR’s current models, while smaller outlets may only feature a few subbrands on sale.

This has already caused some controversy over the pond, where some dealerships in the United States of America have been asked to give up their Jaguar franchises due to the company transitioning to a heavily electrified future.

For our sunny shores, no changes have been enacted yet, and it will likely be business as usual, since Wearnes Automotive holds dealership status for both brands.

Just remember, it is now JLR, not Jaguar Land Rover.

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