17 May 2021
JUST ANOTHER PHASE: 6 essential skills you’ll need to get through Phase 2 (again)

With Phase 2 back in place, we’re having some major flashbacks of the *takes a deep breath* Circuit Breaker period. Don’t fret though, here are some useful skills you can learn to get through the next “lockdown”.

With the amount of COVID-19 community cases on the rise and the government’s recent move to tighten measures regarding social gatherings, it almost feels like we’re back in the crazy ole’ days of the Circuit Breaker once again.

But you know what, been there, done that.

So now armed with first-hand experience of being cooped up in a HDB flat with a baby boss of my own making, let me share what I think are some useful skills you’ll need to survive (and thrive!) during the next lockdown.

Smart shopping

Yes, some physical shops will still be open in Phase 2. But why mingle outside unnecessarily when you have a full retail experience at your fingertips? To stop yourself from falling prey to impulse purchases and endlessly browsing online shops, make lists of the different websites you can visit for all your purchase needs. Familiarising yourself with their usual estimated delivery timings and costs will also help you better plan out your purchases. Thankfully, it’s highly likely that most of your favourite brands would have online shopping platforms of their own.

That said, being a smart shopper doesn’t mean going all out and stocking up for the next zombie apocalypse. It just means making better decisions with your purchases. Why not try picking up some smart shopping tips here?

Plant mummy-ing or daddy-ing

Okay, so you’re starting to get the feeling that your spouse isn’t really listening to your umpteenth complaint about that annoying colleague at work. And maybe your friends are too busy looking after their kids at home to entertain your stream of memes over WhatsApp. But you know who will ALWAYS be there for you no matter what? Your plants. Das right. #theygotyoubruh

A useful skill to have during these trying times, is plant rearing, or being a green thumb! Afterall, plants love when you talk to them and care for them. Plus, they’re pretty and make the air better! If you’re new to the game though, some easy plants to start with include gorgeous indoor plants like the Monstera plant that humidifies dry air or the rubber plant that’s even safe for those with pollen allergies. But don’t just take it from me, check out what this plant mama has to say!


As far as we know, hair salons will remain open during this period of ‘heightened measures’. But, if you recall during the Circuit Breaker, salons were only open for haircuts. During the time, some of you may have fiddled cautiously with a pair of scissors or electric clippers, trying to trim the luscious locks of a loved one. This time around, stay ahead of the curve and pick up some hairdressing tips to keep yourselves and your fam groomed without having to leave home. Thankfully, there are useful tips on home hairdressing for men, women, and kids on YouTube. Once you’ve got that snazzy new haircut, the only thing left to do is to change out of your PJs before your next Zoom meeting. Come on now, one leg at a time.

Arts and crafting

If you struggle with doing anything remotely artistic, brace yourself for parenthood – if that’s your jam anyway. If you have some kids of your own, chances are you’ve already started helping them out with art projects they’ve bought home. So a great way to keep the little ones occupied during this pseudo-Circuit Breaker is by coming up with some arts and craft activities for them at home. And in the name of recycling and sustainable living, you’d be surprised at what you can create from items you would have otherwise disposed of. For instance, you could make tin can wind chimes, tissue box creatures or even potato stamps! For more ideas, check this out.

Home baking and cooking

The last Circuit Breaker turned many a Singaporean into a home baker or chef. This time around, we say get a head start and try out all the adventurous recipes you’ve been thinking about! Apart from boosting your confidence and gaining a valuable life skill, you’ll also save a lot more money than if you were to get takeaway or have food delivered. Short of ideas? This list of creative recipes should help you along your way.  

Car maintenance

With Work-from-Home arrangements back in place in Phase 2, you probably won’t be travelling out much. But if you own a car, you’ll likely be using your trusty steed for groceries or school runs. So the last thing you need is for it to be making weird noises or for the air-conditioning to start malfunctioning when you’re on these essential trips. As such, a truly useful skill to have would be to learn how to care for your car on your own. One good place to start is by browsing these useful car maintenance guides. But of course, if all that auto talk and gibberish is giving you a headache, then maybe play cheat a bit and use this app lah. You can thank me later.  

Back to Phase 2? Better check out this useful guide to sanitisers and learn how you can book a sanitisation service for your car here.