22 January 2023
Komoco Holdings Is Alfa Romeo’s New Singapore Distributor

April 2023 will see things kick off with Alfa Romeo making a comeback after a temporary hiatus

Mark the date – 1st April 2023. This is when Komoco Holdings Pte Ltd will open its brand new Alfa Romeo showroom and service centre at 1 Chang Charn Road, alongside its existing Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge showroom since Komoco Holdings is also the current importer for the three Stellantis-owned brands.

from left: Christophe Musy, Head of ASEAN and General Distributors, Stellantis Teo Hock Seng, Komoco Holdings Executive Chairman, Hugues Fabre, Head of Product Planning, ASEAN and General Distributors, Stellantis

To mark the occasion, Teo Hock Seng, Executive Chairman of Komoco Holdings, said: “Alfa Romeo holds a special place in the hearts of car enthusiasts. It is a brand brimming with passion and a daring attitude that delivers unforgettable driving experiences. Alfa Romeos are cars that will perform and excite straight out of the box.”

“At Komoco, we pride ourselves in distributing brands that appeal to a wide range of clients. Alfa Romeo is all about the joy of driving, and Komoco is delighted to help these special cars find new homes in Singapore.”

A packed calendar of events and activities awaits existing Alfa Romeo owners as Komoco Holdings is looking specifically to engage the “Alfa Romeo tribe.”

“We are pleased to appoint our partner Komoco Holdings as the new importer for Alfa Romeo in Singapore. I look forward to great success for Alfa Romeo here, given its storied history of Italian sportiness since 1910 and driving appeal. I’m confident Alfa Romeo vehicles will suit the passion of Singaporean car lovers seeking a visceral driving experience,” said Christophe Musy, Head of ASEAN and General Distributors.”

We at AutoApp are looking forward to the month of April 2023 for sure. Watch this space.

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