29 June 2023
Maserati Partners David Beckham For Fuoriserie Essentials Collection

Maserati has introduced the Fuoriserie Essentials, an exquisite collection of vehicles crafted in collaboration with influential tastemakers and trusted associates of the renowned Trident brand.

And who better to kick off this groundbreaking initiative than David Beckham himself?

As a football legend, style visionary, and global brand ambassador, Beckham has long been an admirer of Maserati classics. Now, he has infused his personal style into these automotive creations, inspiring them to unleash their unique interpretation of the quintessential Italian sports car.

Drawing inspiration from his affinity for Savile Row fashion, Beckham has blended elements of his sartorial sense into the design of his Fuoriserie DB Essentials collection. This collection features two distinct configurations that embody Beckham’s contemporary take on some of Maserati’s most enduring models.

The first configuration pays tribute to the elegant Maserati Ghibli coupé from 1967, reimagined with a captivating “Night Interaction” blue exterior and a classic tan interior. Beckham’s second configuration honours the rare 1986 Maserati Quattroporte Royale, of which only 51 units were ever produced.

This masterpiece boasts a dignified “Verde Royale” exterior shade, complemented by warm brown leather upholstery. Each car proudly bears a commemorative metal plate, symbolizing the collaboration between Maserati and Beckham.

Klaus Busse, the Head of Design at Maserati, eloquently describes the essence of “Fuoriserie,” which translates to “custom-built” in Italian. He emphasizes that this customization program aims to create extraordinary experiences for clients, granting them the freedom to express their personality and passion by crafting their very own Maserati.

“Our Trident’s customization program is designed to offer our clients unique experiences. We want them to express their personality and passion by creating their very own Maserati. Just like David, everyone can choose from a wide range of personalization features from our Fuoriserie Corse collection, inspired by Maserati’s glorious racing heritage, and from our Fuoriserie Futura collection, dedicated to technology and new materials enthusiasts,” shares Busse.

Beckham’s Fuoriserie DB Essentials configurations are now available for customization on two current Maserati models: the MC20 and the Grecale. 

In addition to collaborating with Beckham on the Fuoriserie collection, Maserati’s pioneering spirit is evident in its forthcoming line of fully electric vehicles. With a goal of transitioning to a fully electric range by 2030, Maserati remains firmly committed to combining timeless Italian elegance with forward-thinking innovation.

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