19 September 2023
Maxus eDeliver 9 Launched

The eDeliver 9 electric van is now available for purchase.

Need a high-top panel van to cart taller, more bulky cargo around while going fully electric? Well, Maxus has you covered there with the eDeliver 9 fully-electric van, now available for purchase through authorised dealer Cycle & Carriage.

Both rear doors of this electric van swing open 180-degrees to reveal a cargo compartment of 9.7 cubic metres that’s capable of hauling 1,000kg of cargo.

Featuring a high cabin ceiling measuring 1.792-metres from cargo bed to roof, most folks can stand upright within the van’s cargo compartment during loading and unloading operations, going a long way toward aiding one’s well-being.

Furthermore, sensitive shipments can be placed upright instead of laid out across the bed, so cargo can be delivered to customers safe and sound.

Its high roofline also means that the eDeliver 9 can be configured for other functions, such as an ambulance or a mobile office for on-location media coverage or maintenance operations.

Add to that large sliding doors on each side and this van becomes truly versatile as a mobile operations base.

Carting cargo around requires good shove, and the eDeliver 9 ermmmm delivers with 201hp and 310Nm of torque, powered by a 72kWh battery pack that’s said to go from 20-80% charge in just 36 minutes at a DC charging station that delivers at least 72kWh of charge.

At a claimed 31kWh/100km or 3.23km/kWh, range from the battery pack is around 230km on a full charge. Not bad considering this electric van weighs 2,500kg unladen and 3,500kg fully loaded.

Up front, the driver’s cabin is spacious and offers seating for two passengers. Also included are driver aids like Blind Spot Detection (BSD) and Lane Change Assist, front and rear sensors to make manoeuvring in tight spaces easier, and auto emergency braking to avoid pile-ups on highways during rush hour.

The Maxus eDeliver 9 is available at $93,999 excluding COE and CVES grant (price accurate at the time of this article.) Contact Cycle & Carriage for more information.

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