29 April 2023
McLaren announces all-new 750S

McLaren has recently revealed the all-new 750S, bringing on additional performance and tech upgrades.

McLaren has recently lifted the covers off the all-new 750S, the next-in-line replacement for the best-selling 720S. Looks mostly the same, don’t they?

While the new car is technically built upon its predecessor, McLaren claims that the incoming 750S is comprised of about 30 per cent new components. As its name suggests, the 750S is more powerful and lighter than the outgoing 720S, and the boffins at McLaren have also given it major chassis modifications for improved agility.

Externally, the 750S looks almost identical to the 720S, save for the lack of a two-tone paint scheme the 720S enjoyed. A new front bumper presents slim new LED headlights and a larger splitter catering to optimised aero performance, while larger air intakes help boost cooling for the new engine. 

The back is where the biggest change lies, with the active rear wing now 20 per cent larger in terms of surface area. McLaren claims this helps significantly boost downforce while increasing braking performance. The 750S will be available in both hardtop and convertible forms, similar to the 720S.

Inside, the 750S receives a number of design improvements, resulting in a more driver-centric experience. The instrument cluster display now moves together with the steering column for added visibility, and the drive mode selector is mounted at the corner of the display, enabling easy switches on the fly.

For other settings, a central 8.0-inch infotainment touchscreen now has buttons for quick-set functions such as launch control as well as active aero adjustment settings.

As it wouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody, the 750S’ 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 will develop 750 bhp, a 30 bhp over its predecessor. Maximum torque figures stand at 800Nm, and McLaren claims the new car can rock the century sprint in a blistering 2.8 seconds, climbing all the way to a top speed of 332km/h.

The power bumps come courtesy of a new triple-layer head gasket, new twin fuel pumps, higher-pressure turbos, lighter pistons and an exhaust array that shed 2.2kg. 

The 750S is also about 30kg lighter than the 720S, with the new car tipping the scales at just 1,277kg, making it the lightest McLaren series-production road car to date. The engineers have been busy trying to shave weight from as many areas as possible, and one area is the thinner windscreen glass, coming in at only 1.6kg.

Agility-wise, the 750S is more punchy thanks to chassis reinforcements. The front track has been widened by 6mm, lighter springs are added (3 per cent softer at the front and 4 per cent stiffer at the rear), a new brake booster improves pedal feel, and a faster steering rack makes the car even more responsive to driver inputs.

An upgraded version of McLaren’s Proactive Chassis Control system is also fitted, minimising body roll and improving traction in the corners.

The all-new 750S will go on sale in Europe later in 2023, but there is no news of whether it will arrive on our sunny little island in the near future. 

Pricing too has yet to be revealed, but expect it to command a steeper price tag over the outgoing 720S.

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