27 September 2023
Ms Claudia Wieshuber Appointed As New Director of Marketing at BMW Asia

Ms. Claudia Wieshuber is poised to take over as Director of Marketing at BMW Asia.

BMW Group Asia has just announced that Ms Claudia Wieshuber will take the helm as the Director of Marketing for BMW Asia starting October 1, 2023.

Before this exciting new chapter, she spent the past 7 years orchestrating BMW’s Communication Strategy for the Luxury Class from the brand’s headquarters in Munich. In the words of Mr. Lars Nielsen, Managing Director of BMW Group Asia, “We are excited to welcome Claudia to Singapore to lead our Marketing team.”

“Claudia’s experience across multiple marketing disciplines, combined with her extensive knowledge of our BMW i and BMW Luxury Class Communication Strategy, paired with her professional network, will be invaluable as we look to further intensify our ongoing BMW Electrified Vehicles Product Offensive roll-out coupled together with BMW Customer and Brand focus topics across the region.”

Ms. Wieshuber’s journey with BMW Group began back in 2003, and she’s been on a relentless drive ever since. She was part of the team that helped shape the very concept of BMW Welt, the iconic brand experience and exhibition facility in Munich that opened its doors in 2007. Fast forward to 2010, she hopped on board the team that crafted the Communication and Brand Strategy for BMW i, the forward-looking arm of BMW dedicated to electrified mobility.

Before her transition to Singapore, she was at the helm as the Head of Marketing for the Joint Venture Partner Support Project at Brilliance Auto, stationed in the bustling hub of Beijing. Talk about a prominent international portfolio.

In her hands, the legacy of one of the world’s most iconic automotive brands gets another chapter, and it’s a tale that promises innovation, electrification, and an unwavering focus on customers and the brand.

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