New Honda Jazz launched in Singapore
03 February 2021
NEW HONDA JAZZ: prices and 3 exclusive details revealed

The all new Honda Jazz is officially launched in Singapore with a hybrid model available for the first time. We also speak exclusively with Mr Takeki Tanaka, Large Project Leader to find out some details that you won’t find anywhere else.

The fourth generation Honda Jazz was launched in an ultra-exclusive event on 30 January in compliance with the latest safe distancing regulations. Set in a sound stage, the event took on an interesting ambience that can only be described as a hybrid of an intimate supper club and Japanese television gameshow set.

2020 Honda Jazz Crosstar

We’re not sure if this was by design or not, but it was poetically appropriate as the new Honda Jazz is available with petrol-electric hybrid power unit for the first time. The tagline for the Japanese compact hatchback, “Always Refreshing” wasn’t lost on us either and so the studio setting, complete with cameras and full production crew added to the novel sense of occasion.

The new Honda Jazz is locally sold in three variants; 1.5 Base, 1.5 Home and the range-topping 1.5 e-HEV which is the only petrol-electric hybrid version.

2020 Honda Jazz

Besides outstanding fuel economy to the tune of just 3.8-litres per 100km, the Jazz e-HEV also comes with a suite of safety features collectively known as Honda Sensing. Some of the highlights include the Collision Mitigation Braking System with improved night-time operation to also detect pedestrians when there is no street lighting. New in the system is its ability to alert the driver when it detects a cyclist cutting across. Additionally, the system now applies the brakes when the Jazz cuts across or turns into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

While the Jazz e-HEV is fitted with adaptive cruise control which can automatically maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle in front, the Base and Home variants come with standard cruise control.

2020 Honda Jazz Crosstar

Honda Jazz variants

Prices at launch time are as follows:

Base – $94,999 with COE
Home – $97,999 with COE
e-HEV – $99,999 with COE

The variant that did not make the launch as predicted in our new Honda Jazz preview was the Crosstar which featured a more rugged crossover styling. This version would have appealed to the ever-growing Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) market, which has overtaken sedan sales in almost all segments.

Q&A with Takeki Tanaka, Large Project Leader, Honda Motor

During the launch, was invited to speak via teleconferencing to Mr Takeki Tanaka, Large Project Leader for the new Honda Jazz.

What does e-HEV stand for in the hybrid Honda Jazz model?

e-HEV is a new communication name for its 2-motor hybrid system.

The “e:” represents Honda’s corporate attitude to work with our customers and partners to expand the potential of our daily lives with electric energy and energize people by inspiring them and putting a smile on their faces

The Jazz 1.5 has a ground clearance of 135mm but the e-HEV has 150mm ground clearance. Why is this so?

The reason why the HEV is higher than the PET 135 mm above the ground is that the HEV has a narrower engine room than the PET. This is in order to prevent heat damage in hot and humid tropical regions where the thermal environment is harsher than in Japan and Europe. Due to the severe heat, the engine undercover is removed, and the exhaust system above it has a minimum ground clearance of 150 mm.

Why does the 1.5L I-MMD DOHC i-VTEC engine in the e-HEV have a higher compression than the non-hybrid Jazz? With the higher compression, does the Jazz Hybrid model need higher octane petrol? What is the octane requirement of the Jazz e-HEV?

The e:HEV 1.5L engine has a high compression ratio to improve combustion efficiency. (Petrol specifications: 10.6, e-HEV specifications: 13.5)

However, since it is an Atkinson cycle engine, by changing the opening timing of the intake valve, the actual compression ratio can be changed flexibly, so there is no need to increase the octane number. It will operate on 91 RON without any problems.

2020 Honda Jazz

What inspired the design of the new Honda Jazz?

Our development team wanted to make the new Jazz like a loyal partner.  A partner-like design that stays by your side every day and supports your daily life.  A car which has a simple and clean look that you will not get tired of even if you look at it every day, and that is reliable and stable. Therefore, I designed it with the design in mind that it is comfortable in everyday life.

2020 Honda Jazz Crosstar

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