25 April 2023
Nissan highlights electrification and connectivity at Auto Shanghai 2023

Nissan is doubling down on its electrification and connectivity approach, launching its new concept vehicles at Auto Shanghai 2023.

Nissan went in big at the recent Auto Shanghai 2023, revealing a pair of EV concepts – the Max-Out convertible sports car, and the Arizon SUV.The Max-Out showcases what Nissan envisions performance EVs to be like in the future, while the Arizon is conceptualised to meet China’s diverse mobility needs.

The hotly anticipated e-POWER X-Trail, which was also unveiled in the show, started pre-sales too.

Arizon: an exciting EV experience

The Arizon concept, created by a Chinese team leveraging Nissan’s global EV expertise, is designed to serve as a multifunctional partner for China’s drivers. Bringing an exciting new EV experience to China, the Arizon has a sleek exterior design and a richly appointed cabin that exudes a warm, high-tech glow.

Built on the CMF EV platform, the Arizon features a low centre of gravity and a spacious, pillarless open-air cabin with an expansive auto-dimming glass roof.

Designed to be human-centric, the Arizon concept features a new virtual personal assistant named Eporo. Eporo can interact with passengers in a human-like manner and provide accurate responses utilising time, weather and other data.

The Arizon also features an innovative interactive lighting system that recognises occupants, automatically adapting illumination to suit their preferences. The lighting ambiance can also be adjusted through intuitive modes including leisure, relax, sleep and surprise, providing seamless and personalised interactions.

Max-Out: the future of EV performance

The Max-Out is a design exploration in “being one with the car.” It embodies Nissan’s new artistic stage and movement toward an increasingly digitised future.

Nissan claims that the sleek sports car’s aerodynamic shape, ultra-low centre of gravity and e-4ORCE electric all-wheel-drive system give it superb handling and enhanced safety. The cabin’s ultra-wide display screen, which resembles the Max-Out’s distinctive exterior lamps, provides the driver with a fusion of the virtual and real worlds.

The Max-Out represents the future of Nissan Ambition 2030, the company’s long-term vision announced in 2021. It aims to expand the possibilities of mobility and society by providing experiences that inspire confidence and excitement, and enable closer connections between people and broader society.

X-Trail: e-POWER adventure

Arguably the one that got most visitors excited, the all-new e-POWER X-Trail SUV started pre-sales today.

Featuring cutting-edge technologies like the second-generation e-POWER electric-drive powertrain and e-4ORCE, the X-Trail provides a powerful yet quiet, smooth and stable driving experience. We cannot wait to get our hands on this once it reaches our sunny little island.

For the future

Nissan COO Ashwani Gupta says, “China is one of the most technologically sophisticated markets in the world. Market and customer needs are rapidly changing, making China a global driver of electrification and connectivity as well as a leader in connected car services. There is a need for increased electrification and advanced sustainability in the market, and we are working hard to meet it.”

“At Nissan, we are working to create a future where cars are electrified and seamlessly connected to the world around you. A future where you feel safer in your vehicle, and feel more peace of mind when your children reach driving age. A future beyond mobility, where vehicles are a solution to energy and societal issues. That, is Nissan’s electrification and connectivity strategy.”

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