17 May 2023
Nissan Launches the All-New X-Trail e-POWER in Singapore

After a long wait, the all-new Nissan X-Trail e-POWER SUV is finally available in Singapore.

And there are lots of reasons to like this new model. The latest Nissan X-Trail comes with upgraded features, advanced technologies, and improved performance.

Electrified generator

For those who are not familiar with the e-POWER platform, the petrol engine serves as a generator to produce electricity, while electric motors power the car. 

The Nissan X-Trail is also the first e-POWER model to come with the new e-4ORCE system, an all-wheel-control system with twin electric motors that deliver massive torque, stability, and agility. It also provides optimal traction, minimises wheel slippage, and enables smooth starting and driving even in slippery conditions.

One pedal driving, or e-Pedal in Nissan speak, is one new creature comfort feature in the new X-Trail, transforming the accelerator pedal into both an accelerator and a brake. This way, you don’t have to shuffle your leg during traffic jams.

As with most new cars on the market today, the Nissan X-Trail comes with advanced safety technologies that provide the driver with confidence, security, and peace of mind on the road. For instance, the intelligent forward collision warning system detects potential obstacles on the road and alerts the driver in advance to prevent accidents.

Elevated cabin

Screens galore in the cabin of the all-new X-Trail e-POWER, with three large interior display screens – a 12.3-inch Advanced Drive-Assist Display, a 12.3-inch NissanConnect navigation system, and a 10.8-inch head-up display.

The interior is fully decked out in black premium leather upholstery, and an option is available to upgrade to amber-coloured Nappa leather. If we reference other Nissan e-POWER models, the Nappa leather is an item that customers should really get. It’s that good.

Modern, muscular styling

The exterior styling of the new 4th-gen X-Trail has been styled very much in line with Nissan’s current design language, with elements such as the floating two-tone roof, V-motion grille, and blockier proportions all resulting in a more imposing road presence compared to its predecessor. As seen on the Qashqai unveiled earlier this year, the headlight cluster on the X-trail appears to be moulded within the bodywork. At the rear, split taillights allow for a wider trunk opening. 

The new X-Trail will be available in 10 body colours with 5 two-tone combinations, a welcome sight that gives customers more to choose from, instead of the usual monochromatic colour palette a lot of modern cars tend to offer.


The Nissan X-Trail e-POWER is now available for test drives and bookings, with a retail price starting from $254,800 (accurate at the time of this article).

Early bird specials include complimentary ceramic coating, 12 months of free road tax, $1,000 worth of petrol vouchers, a special trade-in booster of up to $33,000, and up to 50,000km of free servicing.

Interested buyers can visit the Nissan showrooms or this highlighted text to learn more about the car and its features.

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