19 April 2024
OBU Update: Card Payment Button Adds Convenience

ERP 2.0 OBU received an over-the-air update on April 19 that added an override button that saves drivers the hassle of reaching over to remove their Cashcards.

Just like that, a new icon appears on the screens of vehicles equipped with the next-generation ERP 2.0 On-Board Units (OBU) across Singapore that addresses one of the most common complaints about the controversial new device that will be fitted into all new cars registered from May 1 onwards.

The latest update sees a new icon that enables the driver to disable the Cashcard remotely instead of having to awkwardly reach over to remove it in situations such as using a complimentary parking coupon to exit a car park, for example. Upon exiting, simply press the icon once more and the Cashcard is active once again.

AutoApp tested this feature in a Lexus ES 250 that was fitted with an OBU. For some reason, the card reader has to be located right under the dashboard on the front passenger side instead of the central tunnel as tested in the previous article.

This makes it impossible for this 1.8-metre-tall driver to physically remove the Cashcard without having to lie across the centre console. The remote button solution addresses one of the most common complaints from the public about the functionality of the new OBU.

OBU card reader installation options

Another move in response to public feedback is the option to mount the OBU card reader in two more possible locations on the driver’s side as well. These include installing the card reader beneath the driver’s seat or beneath the dashboard on the driver’s side.

In the interest of safety, installation on the driver’s side, however, requires additional screws that are drilled into the dashboard to ensure that the card does not accidentally fall onto the driver’s feet while the vehicle is being driven. The other criteria is that the car reader installation locations must not interfere with the adjustment range of the driver’s seat.

So, this new Card Payment button should go some way to alleviate the installation dilemmas that many car owners are facing.

The OBU is capable of receiving Over-The-Air updates

The addition of the new Card Payment button also shows that the new OBUs are able to automatically receive Over-The-Air (OTA) updates to install new functionalities. AutoApp understands that in time, more new features will be introduced.

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