31 December 2022
BlueSG Fleet Is Now Larger With 500 New Opel Corsa-e Units

A new EV model has recently joined BlueSG’s car-sharing fleet, and it’s a collaboration between BlueSG and Opel.

The collaboration will see 500 new Opel Corsa-e units being added to the existing BlueSG network. These EVs are larger and more practical than the original Bluecar and serve to provide users with more options for point-to-point travel.

This partnership was the shared vision between Opel and BlueSG, in a bid to provide more sustainable and smart transport options for the future.

With an increased demand for car-sharing services in Singapore, in part due to their huge convenience and functionality, more operators are including different vehicle sizes to cater to the varying needs of their user base.

Since the announcement has been made, approximately more than 200 BlueSG-branded Opel Corsa-e EVs are already plying the roads. The final goal is to expand this fleet to a total of 500 cars by 2023. Together with the current Bluecar fleet, this would give BlueSG a total fleet strength of about 1,300 cars in 2023, assuming fewer cars end up in dashcam-worthy accidents… 

Kelvin Tay, CEO of BlueSG, adds that “Car sharing is clearly evolving into one of the mainstream mobility modes in Singapore. Not only has demand increased, but there is also a greater need for greater flexibility in selecting different vehicle sizes to fit their lifestyle needs.”

While compact, the Opel Corsa-e touts more occupant and boot space than the existing Bolloré Bluecar. Under the hood, it has a 50kWh lithium-ion battery pack which is also found in the Opel Mokka-e, providing a car with an approximate range of 337km. Fast charging is an option, but I assume that not many BlueSG users will actually bother with this, as the current BlueSG stations are all AC-driven. 

This is certainly good news for the consumers, as BlueSG has the unique proposition of being the only Point A to Point B car-sharing service in Singapore. This added convenience will most probably see an increase in BlueSG users.

But, there have already been cases of accidents occurring with these Corsa-e cars. So, please take care of these new cars people…

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