16 April 2024
Porsche and ClearMotion Sign Agreement For Chassis Systems

ClearMotion and Porsche AG signed an agreement to collaborate in the field of advanced chassis systems.

This collaboration centres on enhancing the dynamic performance of Porsche’s already nimble chassis systems, a move that promises to elevate the brand’s driving characteristics of its cars.

The agreement focuses on integrating ClearMotion’s groundbreaking ClearMotion1, an active suspension technology, and RoadMotion, a sophisticated road surface fingerprinting software aimed at proactive chassis control.

Ingo Albers, Vice President of Drive System at Porsche, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “This planned collaboration is set to establish a foundation for potentially deeper ties with Clear Motion in the future.”

He hinted at the possibility of extending these jointly developed technologies across various models within the Volkswagen Group, suggesting a broad impact on the automotive landscape. This is big news, and a large conglomerate of brands are housed within the Volkswagen family.

Christian Steinmann, CEO of ClearMotion, mirrored this sentiment, emphasising the transformative potential of this alliance. “This collaboration will revolutionize our driving experience and significantly bolster our expansion into the European market,” he noted. 

Steinmann expressed eagerness about forging a long-lasting, cross-brand partnership with Porsche, underscoring the strategic and innovative aspirations of both companies. Porsche has been growing steadily the past year, and its upwards trajectory is said to continue.

This collaboration may well set new benchmarks in automotive performance, making it a pivotal moment in the evolution of both companies.

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