15 April 2023
Porsche Taycan – Living In Electric Dreams

The Porsche Taycan is a visceral EV pill that prioritises the enjoyment of driving over anything else.

And those are strong words for what is essentially the base model of the Taycan. Traditionally, car buyers would scoff at the mention of the words “base” and “model”, which commonly denotes the trim level that lacks most of the upmarket or premium features, gatekept behind higher paywalls.

However, that does not mean they are inherently bad. Case in point, this particular Taycan challenges that stereotype, presenting itself as an enticing proposition to prospective performance EV pundits.

It has all the power you will possibly need, and then some

The biggest problem with some performance EVs is that they are just too damn fast. Especially those with dual motors and close to four digits of torque, mere mortals wouldn’t be able to utilise all of it. Floor the accelerator, and be instantly propelled into the stratosphere. Or, the impeding tree you are about to hit.

That’s where this Porsche Taycan shines. Sure, it only has a single rear motor giving it the beans, and it is over a second slower than its more powerful Taycan 4S sibling when traversing the century sprint. Similarly, you only get 322bhp and 345Nm of torque as opposed to the monstrous 523bhp and 640Nm of torque with its bigger sister.

But, realistically in any real-world situation, that’s all the power you will ever need. The lack of a front motor even benefits the base Taycan, as its lighter front end effortlessly darts in any direction you so desire.

The smaller battery pack sheds even more weight, and the result is an energised bunny that has the agility and balance that punches well above its weight. Heck, it’s so good, it can even stand toe-to-toe with some of Porsche’s finest, including the 911.

Despite its sedan-esque proportions, the Taycan can tackle your local B-road with absolute ease, thanks to its light-speed handling and instantaneous acceleration.

Driving it almost feels like a dance, with my hands gliding over the beautifully-weighted steering wheel and right foot delegating appropriate amounts of pressure, translating to an ever-addictive driving experience.

As fast as it is, the Taycan can also stop on a dime, thanks to well-modulated brakes that are effective in getting all 2 tonnes of Taycan to halt in its tracks. Even if you do wish to wring the Taycan enthusiastically around corners, its low centre of gravity induces minimal body roll, keeping it incredibly planted on the tarmac.

It’s astonishingly easy to pilot, and I can take the car into a corner at literally any speed I fancied, and I’ll come out the other end with a giant smile on my face.

Of course, with all of that convivial driving, the Taycan’s expected range does tank a little. Porsche claims 5.5km/kWh, providing you with about 434km with its 79kWh battery. In practice, I garnered a reading of about 3.6km/kWh, and that is with the aforementioned fun activities. It’s not industry-leading by any standard, but think of it this way. With the new performance battery, it wouldn’t be long before the battery is topped off since it has a maximum charging capacity of 225kW.

And with a full tank of… well electricity, you can do it all again.

Business class lounge

With such a visceral experience behind the wheel, you’ll probably spend lots of time in the cabin. Porsche understands this, and has made the interior as cosy for the driver as possible.

Most of the gubbins of the cabin are driver-focused, and it makes the Porsche Taycan feel like a pilot’s cockpit where all of your instruments are within arm’s reach.

The Taycan is also pretty tech-savvy, rocking three crisp display touchscreens with haptic feedback, giving you access to daily settings quickly and effectively. There are touch-sensitive buttons for the headlights, traction control and chassis settings surrounding the curved centre console panel.

Although, I do not prefer how it is finished in a piano black gloss finish, which only accentuates the arrival of fingerprints. The digital HVAC controls are alright in practice, but the fact that you have to use a screen in order to adjust the central aircon vents does bug me a little.

Still, Porsche’s proprietary infotainment system works a treat, and if you so wish, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available as well. Sound insulation is fantastic, and if you opt for the optional Bose audio system package, you are enveloped in quality sound in a luxurious cabin that boasts top-notch fit and finish.

Trust the Germans to design a car that exceeds on all fronts.

Not too shabby on space either

Yes, you can technically fit 3 adults in the back of the Taycan. But, I would best leave it at two. The sloping roofline doesn’t help the Taycan’s case either, and taller occupants may need to contort a little to feel comfortable.

While the Porsche Taycan doesn’t boast as much space as other performance EVs, with 366 litres of rear boot space and an additional 81 litres in the frunk, these are actually quite sufficient for your weekly grocery run or shopping outing. Ambitiously speaking, you can even fit a regular golf stand bag in the boot as well.

Stealth wealth

As Porsche’s first EV, the designers really went to town with the Taycan, bestowing it lots of features from the company’s Mission E concept which debuted back in 2015. Its stance is squat and wide, and the front is dominated by a pair of four-point LED headlights, with an optional matrix beam available.

In profile, the Taycan is more reminiscent of a sports car than a four-door sedan, with a set of flush, automatically extending door handles to add to the theatre.

The rear Porsche logo is sheathed underneath a thin piece of glass, sitting underneath the three-stage rear spoiler system. The absence of exhaust pipes gives the rear a sleek and uncluttered look, and overall the Taycan provides enough features to give it appeal and character without making it look like a Dyson product. I’m looking at you Tesla.

The colour you see here is Frozen Berry. Not trying to pick favourites here, but this one’s a winner in my book.

Sensible base, happy face

Sports car driving characteristics are in most cases a low priority for EVs, with a bigger focus on comfort and efficiency. The Porsche Taycan goes against the grain in this aspect, and the designers were focused on making driving fun paramount above all else.

Porsche used battery power as an opportunity rather than an excuse, building an executive saloon vessel designed for human engagement rather than your cookie-cutter autonomous, soulless transport.

The Taycan takes everything that we love about driving Porsches and wraps it up in an incredibly stylish electric sedan.

Simply put, it has something which most other EVs on the market lack – soul. It captivates you while driving and delivers enjoyment to a tee. Each time you leave the vehicle, you long for the moment you can jump back in the hot seat. An addiction I can get accustomed to.

So, if you were considering a performance EV as your next car, let me ask you this. What colour would you want your Taycan in?

Technical Specifications

Porsche Taycan Electric

Engine: Single Electric Motor
Power: 240kw (322bhp)
Torque: 345Nm
Gearbox: Single-Speed (A)
0-100km/h: 5.4 seconds (claimed)
Top Speed: 230km/h
Battery Capacity: 79 kWh
Drive Range: 434 km
Energy Consumption: 5.5 km/kWh (claimed)

Price: S$389,458 without COE (accurate at the time of this article)
Contact: Porsche Singapore

Photo Credits: Sean Loo (@auto.driven)

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