10 June 2020
POWER PARENTING: Mums share baby care tips and hacks

If you’re new to this parenting gig, you might appreciate these useful baby care tips and parenting hacks to get you through the day and very long nights.

You know how sometimes you think you have everything planned out, then suddenly all your plans go out the window? Yup, that’s pretty much a day in the life of every new parent. One minute you’re peacefully sipping tea and binge-watching Netflix. The next thing you know, you’re singing Baby Shark to your little one while desperately rocking them back to sleep. When it comes to caring for a baby, you’ll soon realise that there’s no one fixed parenting method that works for all. But don’t despair. At AutoApp, we believe that the more you know, the more equipped you’ll be to handle whatever comes your way. That’s why we’ve asked mothers in Singapore to share some special baby care tips and hacks!

Rock it out.

Snug as a bug in a rug.

“My son loves getting rocked to sleep in our Konny baby carrier. He also falls asleep super quickly whenever my husband drives us around in his car!”

Joceline Tan, 27, Financial Consultant, Mum of 1

If your baby dozes off the moment they’re in the cot, count yourself lucky! Many Mums and Dads use movement to help their babies fall asleep. After all, rocking motions remind babies of their time chillin’ in the womb. While their mothers talked or moved, little ones experienced unique motions and vibrations that help soothe them even now!

Tickle, tickle.

“Whenever my girl starts crying, I lightly tickle her and she ends up laughing instead.”

Cindy Chew, 32, Marketing Executive, Mum of 1

Hearing your baby laugh is more addictive than that diet-ruining yummy snack. That’s why some parents may instinctively try tickling their little ones for a chance to hear a delightful cackle. However, there’s more to this baby care tip than meets the eye! Before you tickle your little one silly, remember that babies experience touch differently from adults since their senses are still developing. Though some babies enjoy it, tickling may be a confusing experience for other babies who may hate it (despite their laughter)! Science comes to the rescue here!

Car-ma chameleon.

Car seats help keep your baby secure on the road. Image credits: Maxi-Cosi

“My baby loves it when we take her out for a drive. We use the Maxi-Cosi car seat that fits into our Baby Zen Yoyo stroller. That way, we don’t have to wake her up to take her out of the car seat!”

Maria Wong, 32, Statistician, Mum of 1

If you drive and you’re planning to carry your baby around in the car seat for appointments, you could consider choosing one that’s compatible with a stroller so your sleepy tot gets all the Zzz’s she needs! Has finding the perfect car seat got you all confused? Check out our article on must-have baby car accessories here

Bedtime all the time.

“When I put on pyjamas for my son, he goes to sleep at any time of the day.”

Rita E., Childcare Teacher, 59, Mum of 2

Adding some routine to your baby’s day will make life easier when it comes to managing their sleeping and eating patterns! But of course, keeping to schedule can be tricky as babies tend to have a mind of their own when it comes to deciding on nap time. If this sounds like your baby, this tip might work!

Aromatherapy for tots.

Sniff sniff.

“If baby only wants her mother to put her to sleep, try draping Mummy’s shirt over Daddy, or whoever is trying to get her to sleep. And if your baby has trouble sleeping at night, try diffusing lavender oil to calm her down.”

Charmaine Foo-Cooper, 31, Homemaker, Mum of 1

There’s no denying how amazing babies smell when dirty diapers aren’t in question. But did you know that while you’re busy getting high on baby whiff, they’re busy smelling you too? In fact, their nasal cavities start developing from as early as their second month in the womb. And amazing fact – most babies can smell their mother from 1-2 feet away! That’s probably why Mummy’s clothes bring so much comfort to baby. Curious to learn more? Check out this fascinating article here!

The bolster scheme.

“If your baby often falls asleep on your arm, it’s tricky to put her back into the cot without waking her up. So I place a big pillow or bolster as an ‘arm substitute’ in the cot and my daughter never realises the difference!”

Shirley Lutan, 34, Homemaker, Mum of 1

Some babies find a crib too ‘open’ to sleep well in. Instead, they much prefer taking comfort in your warm, pillow-y arms while listening to the soothing sounds of your heartbeat! Ah, doesn’t that make you feel like taking a nap right now? 

The ole’ switcheroo.

The diaper dilemma.

“When changing diapers, place a clean diaper below the one your baby’s wearing. After cleaning your baby, slide off the old diaper, secure the new one, and your baby’s all set!”

Nur Alfisyah Nonis, 31, Profession Account Manager, Mum of 3

If you’re a parent, you’re probably already familiar with the ‘rapid-fire wee’ scenario. So your baby does a wee and after minutes of wrestling with flailing arms and legs, you’re done giving him a wipe! But just as you’re reaching for a new diaper, your baby realises he’s not quite finished… And just like that, there’s wee everywhere – on the changing table, his new romper, and all over your shirt. Oh boy. To prevent situations like these, don’t forget baby care tips like the one from this Mummy! 

Leave it to Daddy.

“For anything other than breastfeeding: get Daddy to do it.”

Marielle Cervas, 34, Assistant Manager, Mum of 2

You’d think that something as natural as breastfeeding should come easy, right? Nuh, uh. From low milk supply, engorgement (ouch), sore nipples to even latching problems, breastfeeding comes with a whole host of challenges of its own. That’s why it makes sense to have Daddy (or a grandparent) help out with other chores so Mummy can focus on keeping the little ones well-fed!  

Baby manicure.

Slow and steady.

“Trim your baby’s nails while they’re asleep. And use a wet wipe to hold the cut nails to prevent stray bits from flying away!”

Lynn Teo, 32, Bank Associate, Mum of 2

It’s difficult to explain the unique horror parents experience when trimming their newborn’s nails for the first time. Surely these clippers won’t chip off more than just nail… And do my hands really shake that much when I’m nervous!? As daunting as it may seem, rest assured that it’s not as bad as it sounds. If you’re really worried, do it while your baby’s asleep so there’s less chance of them making sudden movements. Alternatively, check out electric nail clippers like this one from Haakaa! They take a little more time to get the job done, but they’re safer and totally painless.  

Stretch and relax.   

“We let our children sleep on our bed in the daytime before they learnt how to roll. We bolstered the bed edges, of course. I think they appreciated the space and it also made it easier for put-down since placing a sleeping baby in a cot without waking him up can require some skill!”

Stef T., 44, Office Manager, Mum of 3

While some babies fall asleep easier while cradled or being put in small, snug places, others love being able to stretch it out. If this sounds like your little one, you could try placing him or her on a bed or larger mattress, instead of in a crib. However, be sure that your bed is adequately protected to stop your baby from rolling off it, especially if they’re at the age when they’re starting to learn to roll!

Boss baby.

‘I’ve had loads of sleep!” said no new parent ever.

“Rest when your baby sleeps or you’ll never get to!”

Jerlin Tan, 34, Marketing Manager, Mum of 1

Unfortunately for most new parents, babies don’t sleep through the night until they’re about 3 months old, so keeping to your pre-children bedtime routine is near impossible. However, all is not lost as babies sleep 14-17 hours a day in bursts of 30-45 minutes, to as long as 3-4 hours. So as tempting as it is to watch their cherubic little faces fast asleep, get some sleep of your own!  

How absolutely dull, Mother.

“When I’m trying to get my girl to sleep, I ‘bore’ her out by avoiding eye contact or talking to her. I just let her fidget herself to sleep – works like a charm!”

Joanna, 29, Admin Executive, Mum of 1

From the moment babies are born, they’re exposed to a myriad of visual and auditory stimulation. When it all gets too much, they have trouble processing things and may panic and cry. That’s why some parents employ baby care tips such as this ‘bore a baby’ technique to keep little ones calm and ready for bedtime!

Even with all these baby care tips, parenting can still get pretty crazy. If your car needs servicing and you just don’t have the time to get around to doing it, we can help. Click here for more info! And if you’re looking for ways to de-stress, why not check out these games and movies?