21 October 2020
TAKE CHARGE: Taking care of your car’s battery

Your car’s battery should never be a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Battery care might seem unimportant, but other critical vehicle components rely on it to function!

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In all vehicles, electricity is crucial to their operation. This is regardless of whether it’s an electric vehicle (EV), or if it’s petrol- or diesel-powered.

With advancements in battery and electrical technology, drivers today no longer have to start an engine with a hand crank. With components such as starter motors, that all happens with the turn of a key or press of a button.

Beyond that initial ignition, however, the battery still plays a vital role in all of your vehicle’s electrical systems. Modern cars are becoming increasingly reliable and also powerful. At the same time, the number of electricity-consuming devices in cars is increasing.

Car batteries should typically last about five to six years. However, as with all consumables, the actual lifespan depends on how you treat it. One common reason for a shortened lifespan is consistently doing short drives of less than 10 kilometres. This puts the battery through multiple discharge & recharge cycles, which will shorten a battery’s lifespan.

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Unfortunately, no matter how well you care for your battery, it will eventually expire and require replacement. Thankfully, failing batteries usually display obvious symptoms that let you know it’s on its way out. Some symptoms include hesitation when you try to start the engine, electronics that randomly stop working, or an illuminated battery warning light on the dashboard.

Here are some ways to care for your car battery and keep it in tip-top condition for a hassle-free journey with engine starts without fail.

Replace the battery every four years

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Although a car battery should typically last for 5-6 years, it is a good idea to replace it after 4 years. This ensures that your car will run properly. After all, what’s worse than losing battery power halfway through a journey, or failing to start on that one day when you’re rushing for an important appointment?

As part of AutoApp’s suite of complimentary car health checks with every service, a battery health test will be performed. You’ll make the most out of your existing battery, and never be stranded with a dead battery again!

Don’t leave your car parked for long periods

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Unless you have a trickle charger plugged in, leaving your car parked for long periods will drain the battery. Regular driving allows the alternator to convert kinetic energy into electricity that charges the battery.

We recommend driving your vehicle at least every three days for 15 minutes or longer. This replaces any spent electricity used by accessories such as your alarm system or dashcam.

Keep your battery terminals clean

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You might have noticed dirt or debris on the top of your battery, or around the terminals. Though it might appear to only be on the surface, it can be bad news for your battery if it gets into the cells. Debris on the terminals can also reduce the efficiency of your battery.

To keep the battery clean, use a mixture of baking soda and water to clean up any dirt or corrosion. Remember to completely wipe the battery down after cleaning, to ensure no moisture or residue is left.

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Let AutoApp arrange this service for you. Click here to make an online booking, or download the app below.

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