19 April 2023
Tesla Singapore offers discounts for its cars

Tesla has begun offering discounts to electric vehicle buyers in Singapore, by up to 5%.

Tesla fans, rejoice! The famed EV brand has recently announced that the prices (excluding COE) for its Model 3 and Model Y are dropping by as much as 5%. The new prices for the various models are as follows.

Tesla states that the price drops are in part due to improvements in vehicle manufacturing and cost control, which it is passing over to its customers in order to speed the world’s transition to renewable and sustainable vehicles. So, if you were planning to buy one amid the wave of extremely high COEs, now’s your chance to save a little.

This price drop coincides with another recent Tesla initiative, which is the Loot Box Referral Programme. Owners can participate via the Tesla app here in Singapore. The Loot Box programme allows users to earn credits when a friend or family member purchases a new Tesla product using their unique referral link. These credits can then be redeemed for a variety of rewards on the Tesla app.

Prospective customers can head down to the various Tesla showrooms to snag these discounts today.

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