26 January 2023
The Porsche Experience – Boutique Present Meets Storied Past…

… with Porsche’s eyes locked firmly on the future in Singapore.

Think of a boutique automotive retail experience right in the Central Business District, easily accessible by both public and private transport. That’s what the Porsche NOW pop-up retail store at Guoco Tower represents, and we were there to experience it first-hand at its official launch.

This represents a new way of envisioning the retail experience, courtesy of other restaurants, cafes and specialist boutiques in the area and within walking distance. Think lunch nearby, and then taking a leisurely stroll over to Porsche NOW pop-up to configure one’s brand new 911, Taycan or any other model that one fancies, while sipping coffee and exchanging memorable automotive stories with a Porsche Sales Consultant in one of two private consultation spaces on either side of the store.

Not ready to configure a car yet, but keen to get in on the Porsche action anyway? Pick up some merch from the store while mooching around the Porsche vehicle parked right there. Maybe that’ll help convince one that it is indeed time to welcome this storied brand from Stuttgart into one’s parking space/driveway/three-car garage. The store is open daily from 11AM to 9PM and is located at 7 Wallich Street #01-07, right beside Guoco Tower’s driveway/drop-off point.

Though it may seem rather small compared to other automotive showrooms at Leng Kee and Ubi, this is just the beginning of Porsche’s brand-new retail concept vision. At the official launch of Porsche NOW pop-up, Hannes Ruoff, CEO of Porsche Asia Pacific said, “After another strong regional performance for Porsche Asia Pacific in 2022, we are excited to launch this new retail format in Singapore to test new ideas and gain insights that we can share across the global Porsche organisation. This further underscores the importance of the unique Singapore market, as well as the potential of the larger ASEAN region for Porsche.”

This pop-up is but a temporary space. The permanent home will be at Guoco MidTown in Beach Road, currently targeted for the second half of 2023, and customers will be enthralled by a retail experience at Porsche Studio Singapore spread out across two floors. In the meantime, to minimize its footprint at its current location, renovations and fittings are minimal yet chic. The idea is to be able to move out without having too much decor for the next tenant to dispose of during their renovation.

A boutique retail experience is all well and good, but without a nod to Porsche’s rich and storied past, it would be a hollow experience. Fear not, for this aspect is well taken care of in collaboration with Club Mandala where one can celebrate past icons with the Curvistan gallery, and we were shuttled to Club Mandala in a slew of Porsche vehicles. Nice touch!

Sitting right smack dab in the centre is the legendary 550 Spyder that won the gruelling Carrera Panamericana endurance road race in Mexico while being helmed by Hans Herrmann. Just take in the details and be enthralled by a car that was specifically designed with motorsports in mind, and this preserved actual car driven by Hans was flown in specially from Stuttgart for this event.

To add to the ambience, the interior of Club Mandala is appropriately themed with a curated collection of winning visuals from the Porsche Museum Archive and classic timepieces from longtime race-sponsor and watch partner TAG Heuer. Available for sale are Porsche Museum-sourced and Curvistan-themed merch by Stefan Bogner of Curves Magazine – the same gentleman who came up with Curvistan.

This space at Club Mandala is a gallery and will be periodically themed by Stefan, so don’t be surprised if the interior looks different on your next visit. Curvistan – Legends won’t be around for too long, so check it out quickly at 31 Bukit Pasoh Road from now until 19 February 2023. Opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 10AM to 10PM, and Sunday from 10AM to 6PM.

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