02 May 2023
Toyota Price Promise Gives More Flexibility To Customers

Borneo Motors, the official dealer for Toyota in Singapore, is introducing transparent prices across its sales channels for added peace of mind.

As with any product or item you purchase in your life, the price point does play a lot in your eventual decision-making. This is true for cars too in Singapore, yet there are countless reasons why your car might be priced differently from the next customer. It could even be down to potential hidden discounts and bargains that you must actively seek out, and this causes a lot of uncertainty among prospective buyers.

Well, Borneo Motors Singapore (BMS), the official dealer for Toyota, wants to change that. The company is introducing a new ‘Toyota Price Promise’ system, which it claims is a commitment from Toyota to present a single drive-away price to customers. This price can stem from any sales channel, be it online or in-store at the showroom, at a single point in time.

The goal of this new scheme is to provide customers with a transparent pricing model for Toyota car purchases in Singapore.

BMS has already started this Toyota Price Promise initiative on 21st April 2023. It claims customers are receiving “full transparency of the value they’re getting with the car of their choice; they can buy their desired Toyota car and have the confidence and reassurance that the price advertised, regardless of purchase channel, is what they will get.”

In other words, whether online or on the showroom floor, you’ll be getting the exact same deal as the customer before and after you, with no possibility of squeezing out any additional bargains.

Following in the footsteps of other auto manufacturers like Tesla, Toyota is also going big on its digital retail presence. Borneo Motors now has a new ‘Build and Price’ function on Toyota’s website, enabling customers to configure their desired cars and calculate estimated monthly payments with an online financial calculator.

Customers can also reserve a car, leave any enquiries and complete a full transaction without ever leaving the house, providing additional convenience to those who wish to pick up a new set of wheels.

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