02 March 2023
Toyota Launches All-New Prius PHEV in Japan

Toyota recently announced that it will commence sales of all-new Prius Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) models on March 15.

Developed under the “Hybrid Reborn” concept, the new Prius has wowed worldwide audiences with its stylish looks and impressive specs, all while being environmentally friendly. Prius HEV models are already on the roads in Japan, and they are already turning heads.

Now, Toyota is going to offer a new PHEV variant, aptly termed the Z grade. It will be equipped with the latest plug-in hybrid system, which combines a compact, high-capacity drive battery, high-output drive motor, and high-efficiency gasoline engine.

So why consider a PHEV?

PHEVs have the ability to cover the majority of daily driving using just the electric power from the charged battery. Essentially, you are driving around with the quietness and brisk motor-based driving performance of an electric vehicle (EV).

On longer drives, the engine is on hand to supplement battery power, ensuring that you don’t suffer from range anxiety. 

Plus, the Prius has the added advantage of being able to be used as an external power supply system. The car can provide power during outdoor, leisure, and emergencies. There is also an external emergency power supply mode that provides a larger supply of power during blackouts, disasters, and other emergencies by using the engine to generate electricity. You’re effectively driving around in a backup generator.

The Prius PHEV isn’t a slouch either, with a maximum system output of 164 kW (219 bhp). You get all this power and are still able to garner 30.1 km/litre fuel efficiency with 17-inch tyres fitted. On battery power alone, the Prius PHEV can travel up to 105km, a 75% improvement compared to its predecessor. 

Paving the way forward

With petrol cars becoming “less environmentally friendly” and EVs still shy of being viable for the mass population, plug-in hybrid systems are, for now, the way to go, providing an immediately accessible pathway toward carbon neutrality.

So cars like the Prius PHEV may be the best solution for our current sustainable debacle.

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