07 September 2023
Two New All-Electric MINI Models Presented at IAA

Fifth generation MINI features two EVs in Munich.

Street go-karting is now going electric, thanks to a relentless push by MINI toward electrification of its entire model range. Two models, the Cooper and Countryman, were on display at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Munich.

Let’s start first with the Cooper, which is no longer an engine specification. Moving forwards, ‘Cooper’ will refer to all MINI three-door and five-door models as well as the Convertible in E and SE variants with the latter featuring higher output and range.

The electric motor in the Cooper E puts out 184 hp and 290Nm of torque and accelerates from standstill to 100 km/h in 7.3 seconds while featuring a WLTP range of 305km. The Cooper SE ups the ante with 218hp and 330Nm of torque to dispatch the century sprint in just 6.7 seconds and with 402km range. Stylistically, this is still distinctively a MINI.

The interior is minimalist while elegant, in a nod to classic MINI, with a slim dashboard and multifunction steering wheel for that go-kart feeling. Now with a centrally-mounted OLED display called the MINI Interaction Unit, this display is crisp and bright to read while being rather generously-sized at 240mm diameter. A newly-designed toggle bar with five switches includes all driving functions and sits just below the circular display.

Since there’s no need for a traditional gear lever, additional storage space is now liberated between the front seats. There’s also a wireless charge pad for one’s mobile phone.

A specially-developed knitting process is used to create the two-colour textile that adorns the dashboard. Optionally available are up to seven MINI Experience Modes cause special light projections to extend the colours of the OLED display across the dashboard – a nifty touch indeed!

The next model on display is the new MINI Countryman, now 6cm taller and 13cm longer than its predecessor and offering even more space and comfort within. Four roof colours are available while wider wheel arches solidify the rugged nature of the Countryman.

Two variants, E and SE ALL4, are available with the former featuring 204hp and 250Nm of torque from its single electric motor to sprint from standstill to 100km/h in 8.6 seconds. The latter has two electric motors, one on each axle, and put down a combined 313hp and 494Nm of torque to dust off the same sprint in 5.6 seconds. The Countryman E has a WLTP range of 462km and the Countryman SE ALL4 433km.

Thanks to its more generous proportions, the Countryman is the largest and most spacious MINI model on the inside.

Just like the MINI Cooper, we find the centrally-mounted circular OLED display here with MINI Operating System 9, two-spoke multifunction steering wheel, five driver toggle switches and woven textile surfaces with eight different MINI Experience Modes with light projections.

Four trims will be available, namely Essential, Classic, Favoured and JCW. We can’t wait until these new electric MINI models hit Singapore’s shores.

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